Friday, November 16, 2018


Ban rebuilding
After hurricanes
And wild fires

IN MY OPINION, people should be banned/[prohibited from rebuilding structures in areas known as unsafe.
Places such as on the beach and along river banks. These are areas with a history of flooding.

Likewise, I would ban rebuilding in areas with a history of wild fires, especially in areas where forest management is lacking.

I am against financing — at taxpayer expense — rebuilding of structures that have a high chance of being destroyed again (and again).

IF SOMEONE INSISTS on building in a danger zone, let the property owner buy insurance (if it is available). Don’t expect Joe and Jane Taxpayer to foot the bill to rebuild someone’s folly.

I will quickly concede that living on the beach and watching the sun rise (or set) over the water is a glorious sight.

I also will admit, living surrounded by forests also is delightful; cool breezes when the neighboring non-forest areas are sweltering.

    I have lived near the beach in Florida and near the forests in California. I was a frequent visitor to the artisans in Paradise CA where I learned that jade comes in many colors.

The denizens of Paradise should been safe enough. The “Paradise Fire” allegedly was sparked by faulty Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) equipment.

There has been a debate for years among forest management people — a debate aggravated by territorial “rights” — controlled burns or let nature take its course.

The argument on both sides is that once a fire is started — by whatever means — it is likely to get out of hand before firefighters can contain it to a small area.

But to build in a forest — lovely as it may be — is foolish. As foolish as building a house on a beach or a river known for overflowing its banks.

As I doubt building on a beach or river bank, or in a forest will be prohibited, the best I can hope for is that the governments will not be called upon to finance rebuilding in the same location.

    In the case of hurricanes, structures CAN be built to withstand Category 5 storms, as one house in Mexico Beach FL proved. Had the structures in Mexico Beach been built to Dade County (FL) standards, many likely would be standing today.

The same holds for buildings near earthquake fault areas. There ARE ways to build “earthquake proof” buildings — the Japanese do it successfully — new structures in those areas should be built to Japanese standards. (Many areas of the U.S. are on/near a fault line.)

How to build tornado-proof buildings is something I have not studied.

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