Friday, September 15, 2017


Did anyone see
Any anarchists
Helping Houston?

They weren’t headed for south FL

WITH HOURS AND HOURS OF tv coverage of the Texas — and now Louisiana — flooding, did anyone see any of “antifa” black pajama uniforms rescuing anyone? In fact, did anyone see any “antifa” representation at all?

A week later, when Hurricane Irma hit Florida — all of it, the looters were out in force, but no one claiming, or even pretending to be, antifa was to be seen.

Admittedly, the tv showed no klansmen or nazis (“neo” or otherwise) or anyone with either white euphemists logos or Stars and Bars flags on shirts or jackets, just as no one saw any extreme left pennants among the rescuers — or rescued.

Gary Varvel

”Antifa” — another word for anarchists — is an American intifada with one goal: destroying democracy while falsely claiming to be democratic.

The anarchists intimidate anyone who dares think differently by shouting down opposing speakers and, when that fails to work, attacking opponents with whatever weapons are at hand.

Where were the police?

    In Charlottesville VA, the police failed to keep the “Save the Statues” protestors separate from the anarchists.

    In Berkeley, the police — based on numerous videos available on the internet — were never seen.

    Were the cops— local as well as federal — cowering and hiding?

Locally, the antifas apparently either bailed long before the storm hit, or hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass so they could stand in line for taxpayer-paid rations — rations delivered by the “fascist” government. Same with the handouts donated by other Floridians who were able to share what they had.

I didn’t see any antifas in the street offering assistance to ANYONE.

I didn’t see any black pajamas handing MREs or water down the line to those in need.

I didn’t see any antifa pennants waving over trucks or cars carrying supplies to anyone any place.

To my Edward Bear mind, the antifas are cowards — much akin to the KKK, which also had no presence supporting recovery in Florida. The antifas, the KKK, the nazis, and the rest of the left and right wing extremists missed a great PR opportunity. Local and national television captured HOURS of heroics on video; newspapers and magazines took thousands of photos.

People — at least in south Florida — were from all over the world; people who could have gone “home” and told their neighbor s how helpful the extremists were.

The antifas, the KKIK, the nazis, and similar creatures are brave when they outnumber their victims 100-to-1 (or more), but when it comes to actually working to help their fellow citizens, the extremists are not to be found.

Just as expected.

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