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Why the silence
From Democrat

Normally vocal Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Democrat, FL 23rd Congressional District) has somehow managed to constrain herself – and miss out on free tv coverage – despite representing a district close to the murders in Parkland.

Likewise no public words from Lois Frankel (Democrat, FL 21st Congressional District), Parkland’s representative to the U.S. House.

Apparently Frankel says very little about anything.

Wasserman-Schultz, on the other hand, hardly ever misses a chance to stand in front of the cameras.

WHEN THE HURRICANE HIT and several patients died from lack of care, Wasserman-Schultz was front and center. Even her fellow Democrat in Dade County, Frederica Wilson (D, FL 24th Congressional District) jumped on that bandwagon.

    Authorities say the deaths of 12 of the 14 Florida nursing home patients who died after Hurricane Irma have been ruled homicides.1

Reporters, particularly from the liberal media, have been quick to challenge Republicans at all levels, from Florida’s governor and attorney general to Senator Marco Rubio, and of course President Trump.

DO SOMETHING they demand.

Never mind that the tragedy might have been prevented if there had been better

    Communication among state and federal agencies and

    Enforcement of laws already on the books.

As far as making 21 the minimum age limit to buy a rifle (currently 18 in Florida), an FBI study from 19972 shows that nearly 80 percent of all firearms used in a crime were either obtained from a friend or family member (39.6%) or obtained on the street or from an illegal source (39.2%).

The same report showed that only 0.7% of guns in criminals’ hands were bought at gun shows. Still too many, but gun shows are not criminals’ preferred source of weapons.

Bottom line: Changing the minimum age to buy a rifle (21 for handguns) is an exercise in futility if the FBI can be believed.

    To complete the FBI report, 1% of criminals purchased a gun at a flea market, 3.8% of criminals purchased a gun from a pawn shop, and 8.3% of criminals actually bought their guns from retail outlets

Florida IS making it harder for people with mental deficiencies to legally acquire a firearm. Will the liberals and ACLU rush to defeat the measure or have it overturned in court? That remains to be seen.

Should there be national gun control laws? Should there be a national driver’s license? Vehicles, after all, kill far more people than guns.

If an 18 year old is too immature to buy a rifle then perhaps that 18 year old is too immature to vote. Obviously if that is the case, than an 18 year old is too immature to be a soldier.

Returning the the original question: Has anyone heard anything from the Democrat congresswomen?

Why have the local – and national – media failed to ask Wasserman-Schultz what she recommends, and maybe ask why she and her fellows in congress are just now clamoring for gun control. Why not during the eight years of ex-president Obama’s reign?

When will the media – again, both local and national – interview Frankel.

Both women have had ample time to formulate an answer or to parrot their party’s leadership stand (Blame Trump, blame the GOP, blame the NRA).

There ARE people who should be denied gun ownership. No argument there. (Now consider banning ownership of certain other weapons, including knives and vehicles.)

There are no easy answers no matter how hard the media tries to suggest there are such answers.

Perhaps that is the reason Wasserman-Schultz has been uncommonly quiet and why Frankel has yet to raise her voice.​




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