Monday, January 22, 2018

Missing QC, CSR
And GRUB loader

I AM TRYING TO “MIGRATE” FROM MS WINDOWS’ constant UI changes and massive overhead to Linux.

Since I am NOT a Linux guru and since I foolishly bought a made-in-China HP laptop (no blue screen, just auto-resets) instead of a Dell pre-loaded with Linux, I bought a 64 GB USB flash drive from that was supposed to be complete with Linux Mint 18.3/Cinnamon.

The USB flash drive MAY have Linux’ Mint 18.3 and Cinnamon on it, but it is NOT complete.

According to, loading the USB drive’s contents will partition a hard drive with Windows already installed, then load all the components to make Linux Mint 18.3 with Cinnamon operational.

The disk was partitioned as specified.

After going through the motions and playing “20 questions” during installation, I got a message:

Installation could not be completed, GRUB BOOT LOADER missing.

Realizing human error was possible, I restored Win 10 (my computer guru son insisted I make a recovery CD) and tried again.

Once again I got the message:

Installation could not be completed, GRUB BOOT LOADER missing.

OK, “things” happen so I sent an email to on 27 December informing it that the Grub Boot Loader was AWOL.

No response.

I thought it’s the end of the year and between year end projects and holidays, maybe overlooked my email.

I resent the email on 2 January, but in truth I didn’t expect an immediate answer. Maybe the CSRs (if any) were suffering from too much holiday. It happens.

Now, it’s 21 January and STILL no response from

In one of my several emails I asked to send me a Return Authorization (RA) and I would send the USB flash drive back; in return, could send me a replacement that had been through Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) if separate entities at

It would have been nicer if sent me a QA/QCed replacement USB flash drive and allowed me to return the defective unit a day or two after receipt of the new drive.

I can “absorb” the loss of the $35 charged, but I cannot abide the caviler attitude. I wonder if treats all its customers so badly.

I suppose I could have disputed the sale with my credit card company, but I DID receive a product, albeit a defective one.

In the unlikely chance that someone from reads this post, my order number was 261828.

Meanwhile, I cannot recommend to anyone moving to, or upgrading Linux.

The holidays are long past; it’s time for to make things right. (If it does, I will append that information below.)

I know “things happen,” I just want to make it right. So far it just ignores my emails.
POB 371481
Denver CO 80237

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