Wednesday, April 30, 2008

True BC = ERM

Continuity e-Guide #232 ( has an article by John C. Phelps that tells me I am not alone in thinking that what I do is "Enterprise Risk Management" (ERM) and not "just" Business Continuity (BC).

The article, "Business Continuity Planning and Enterprise Risk Management," is on the WWW at .

Mr. Phelps, who is Director, Business Risk Solutions for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, notes that "ERM helps provide an understanding of the relationship of risks, which cannot be obtained from a traditional risk management or business continuity perspective. ERM and its associated methodology and tools provide an opportunity for business continuity professionals to burst out of their silo to observe how business interruption risk relates to the other enterprise level risks. This approach also elevates BCM to a higher strategy with Boardroom and c-suite attention. Companies that can achieve this level of maturity with their business continuity program will make better decisions about the allocation of limited capital."

The article is well worth a read, especially by "business continuity" planners who realize, and want to impress upon management, that business continuity is more than just the usual risks, but should properly include all risks under one umbrella.

John Glenn, MBCI, SRP Enterprise Risk Management/Business Continuity Planner @

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