Thursday, July 3, 2008

ERM-BC-COOP: Value calculator

Q: How many times has a manager pushed back on a ERM-BC-COOP project because he or she couldn't see a Return On Investment (ROI)?

A: Too many.

One of the problems Emergency Management/Business Continuity/COOP* practitioners encounter is the difficulty of justifying the cost of the effort.

We know that what we do makes good business sense.

We know that what we do can, if implemented, make the difference between being in or out of business.

We know what we do can help prevent loss of life or serious injury.

But even if something happens and our effort works flawlessly, it's hard to put a monetary value on what we do.

Michael Z. Bell to the rescue.

Mr. Bell runs his own consulting company, Albion Research, in Ottawa, Canada.

He also runs a Web site,

The Web site includes a page titled "BCP Value Calculator" at

It's a page well worth visiting and, from my point of view, worth sharing with management.

* Continuity Of OPerations

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Enterprise Risk Management/Business Continuity
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