Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ERM-BC-COOP: Curmudgeon

Call me a "curmudgeon."

Tell me I lack a sense of humor.

Even tell me I take things too seriously.

I'll admit to all of these things.


I just read a Help Wanted posting from a recruiter I know and who should know better than to post the advertisement he posted.

The recruiter, who along with his company shall remain nameless, posted a job for a Senior Business Continuity Planner with "2 to 4 years experience" in business continuity planning.


With two to four years experience.

Actually, it is worse.

Read further into the posting and the Experience requirement DROPS to a mere "1 - 2 years"

Two years!

The recruiter, or his client, "requires" candidates with a graduate studies level.

The only thing I can write in the recruiter's defense is that he probably only is following his client's desires.

I know several recruiters, both here and outside the U.S. To the best of my knowledge none will endanger a commission by trying to educate their clients regarding requirements for various ERM/BC practitioner levels. As an experienced practitioner, I grumble, but if I was in their shoes, I don't know.

A planner with but two years experience normally rates a little more than "tyro"; the only exception may be a practitioner who worked with a senior planner who has been responding to crises for "the duration."

I prejudiced, to be sure, but it seems to me the recruiters are being derelict or at least negligent in their jobs by allowing clients to jeopardize the client organizations to consider a person who is at best a "junior" planner to be put into the position where a senior's expertise is expected.

I'll give this recruiter credit - he advertised the opportunity on the Web site of a professional publication, presumably marketing the job only to people with at least a passing interest in ERM/BC.

'Course the posting was free.

Funny enough, the posting omitted any client requirement or desire that the "senior" planner hold any professional certification, not that certification by itself guarantees anything, but it is something many planners with more than beginner experience possess.

John Glenn, MBCI, SRP
Enterprise Risk Management/Business Continuity
Planner @ JohnGlennMBCI.com

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