Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ERM-BC-COOP: Consider HR risks

Anyone who thinks IT is an organization's only concern should consider the following:

In a blurb at promoting a for-fee Webinar: "According to the Department of Labor, wage and hour class actions currently outnumber all types of employment discrimination class actions combined. The retail sector has been the hardest hit, but no sector is immune. To better understand this epidemic and effectively manage increased risks of wage and hour claims, join a panel of experts for an Advisen Wage and Hour Webinar on Wednesday June 16, 2010 at 11:00 AM EDT."

Maybe considering business continuity-related policies and procedures, and making certain all personnel are aware and understand them should be a higher priority.

Granted, some managers (and business continuity practitioners) enthusiastically DISagree with this "have policies in place and advertise them" recommendation claiming that it will "tie management's hands" and limit response options.

It seems to me that if enough thought is put into the policies and procedures, there will be sufficient "wiggle room" for management to adapt to meet any situation.

LACKING policies and procedures seems to me to invite legal action. Based on my limited experience with the Bench, I assure you that judges prefer to deal with things in writing.

Having written - and published - business continuity-related policies and procedures may not keep the organization out of court, but they might make defending management's actions easier and less costly.

John Glenn, MBCI
Enterprise Risk Management practitioner
Hollywood - Fort Lauderdale Florida
JohnGlennMBCI at gmail dot com

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