Thursday, February 3, 2011

Once again . . .


Passing the buck.

Keeping secrets.

According to a report on the ABC News blog (,

    "A new Senate report on the 2009 Fort Hood shooting blames the FBI and Department of Defense for failing to recognize or act on alleged shooter Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s extremist views.

    "The report contends that the FBI and DOD could have prevented the shooting if they had identified Hasan’s radical Islamist views and disciplined or discharged him before the attack occurred.

    “'Our report’s painful conclusion is that the Fort Hood massacre could have and should have been prevented,' Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman Joe Lieberman Lieberman said at a press conference today."

According to Susan Collins, the ranking Republican on committee “Both the FBI and the Army were aware of Major Hasan."

Back to the second paragraph and "disciplined or discharged him (Hasan) before the attack ."

That might have prevented the attack at Fort Hood, but it might have simply allowed Hasan to attack soldiers and civilians off base - at a mall or sports venue where he could have killed even more people.

Then, the report noted, “Although neither DOD nor the FBI had specific information, they collectively had sufficient information to have detected Hasan’s radicalization to violent Islamist extremism but failed both to understand and to act on it.”

Shades of 9 - 11; the right hand refuses to share to the left.

Won't we EVER learn?

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