Thursday, October 24, 2013


Expensive cover

In a New York Post exclusive hededcq Obama wants Marines to wear "girly" hats we are told that Obungler is proposing that the taxpayer shell out US$8 million on new covers (hats) for Jarheads and Jarhead'ettes.

The proposed covers are a throwback to a previous generation of Marines, a generation that included Sgt. Dan Daily who won not one but two Congressional Medals of Honor. The proposed covers are similar to NY Fire Department dress hats.

As a former Air Force enlistee, who wore both a barracks hat and an "overseas" cap (called by a rather unflattering name due to its design), I really don't care what covers the Marines wear; ditto for the other services.

But as a taxpayer obliged by "my" government to pay off a recently raised again multi-trillion dollar foreign debt, I am, to be polite, "upset" by the proposed expenditure of $8 million, particularly when Washington tells us we are in a budget crunch. Apparently it is "Do as I say, not as I do" for our elected officials in D.C.

Unfortunately, the "cost be damned uniform scam" foisted on the taxpayer and military lifers for uniform changes is nothing new. The Air Force has been continually messing with its Blues almost since its inception (separation from the Army).

While BRAC closes bases, while missile defense sites are declared unnecessary, the Pentagon - now apparently at the urging of the Commander in Chief - that's POTUS or, currently, Obungler wants to spend millions on new covers for the Marines.

Granted, compared to the national debt's TRILLIONS, a few millions is chump change - and I emphasize "chump" for that's what, IMO, POTUS must consider the taxpayer.

I'll admit, based on the NY Post's graphic of the current and proposed covers, the proposed hat for women Marines is a better choice; the barracks hat looks oversized and awkward on the girl in the dress uniform.

The bottom line for this taxpayer is: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That applies to military uniforms as well as government in general.

If I'm heavily in debt, I don't go out buying new suits; I look for ways to put my limited funds where I need them. Maybe if I could just print money . . . but I can's (legally).

What's next?

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