Sunday, April 27, 2014


Credit where it's due


I have, on occasion, complained about Humana's Medicare Advantage program. At one point I took issue with one of Humana's recommended opticians (see Humana - Promises, just promises).

Apparently someone at Humana forwarded the blog entry to the Florida Optometric-Physicians Network (FOPN), of which the optometrist/optician practice was a member.

I received a call from Marlen Ayala, FOPN's Manager, Provider Relations. My initial reaction was "Who? What? Why?"

Humana reps occasionally call asking if everything is "OK," which is interesting since I know my blog is read by someone in Humana, but this call was from someone in an organization unknown to me.

Ms. Ayala told me she understood I was less than satisfied with the optician at the optometrist's office where I had an eye exam. (Absolutely NO complaint with the optometrist.)

She would, she volunteered, arrange for me to take my lens prescription to another optician in my area.

Excellent. I asked for, and promptly received, a list of perhaps a "baker's dozen" optometrists in my area.

From the list, I selected two and asked Ms. Ayala to make arrangements with either. I also advised her that one entry on her list refused to accept lens prescriptions from outside optometrists and another had a "For Rent" sign on the door to a vacant office.

She made arrangements with Dr. Selmo Satanosky's practice to see me anytime from Friday morning (25 April 2014) and confirmed this with an email.

Friday morning I present myself at the optometrist's office and announce that I am here to have a lens prescription filled. The receptionist looked up and then down at a list and greeted me by name; Ms. Ayala had indeed arranged for my visit and I was expected. The receptionist, whose name I regrettably failed to note, said the practice and Ms. Ayala have a good relationship.

After a brief chat with Dr. Satanosky we adjourned to the optician area where we decided upon a frame and he made whatever measurements necessary - and noted them on paper - no computer needed. I was told the information would be sent to Humana's lens grinding facility in Miami and that my new glasses would be ready in a week or two.

FOPN is an independent organization that, according to its web site "has relationships with most major health care plans in Florida and together are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive eye care possible."

It's nice to be able to offer a tip of the hat to a service provider - any service and any provider. Ms. Ayala earned that for herself and for FOPN.

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