Monday, July 7, 2014


To murder



  * Six arrested in Israel for murder of Palestinian youth

  *  Arab taxi driver charged with murder of Jewish woman


  * PA government makes no effort to find, arrest murderers of three Jewish boys

  * PA government makes no effort to quell anti-Israel rioting

  * Mother of slain Jewish boy calls Moslem boy's mother to express sympathy

  * Mother of slain PA boy calls for beginning of third intifada.

  * American relative to slain Jewish boy calls American relative of slain Moslem boy to express sympathy

Can anyone see a pattern here?

Yet "The World" condemns Israel.

Obama via Kerry, tells ISRAEL to restrain its people - while the Moslems in the Hamas/PA territories rampage and rain missiles down on Israel.

The murderers must be caught (Israel has arrested 6 suspects; the PA none) and punished.

Question: Should Israel provide the Jewish murderers salaries while incarcerated and should it give them early release when it turns lose Moslem murderers to appease the terrorists? How would The World react if Israel did what the PA does? Maybe the U.S. and the EU could fund the payments as they do for terrorists held in Israeli prisons.

Will the arrest of the alleged killers of the (singular) PA youth bring calm to the area? Unlikely.

The Moslems do not think like Europeans, and that's the Jews' problem. While the Jewish mother expressed sympathy for her Moslem counterpart, the Moslem wants only the beginning of the third intifada.

The only way to deal with the Moslems is on the Moslems' terms.

Moslems cannot co-exist even with other Moslems. Look at Iran Lebanon, and Syria. How can anyone expect them to coexist with non-Moslems, infidels, dhimmis.

If it was not for strong leaders in Morocco, Libya, Algiers, Egypt, and Saudi, those countries, too, would be battle grounds. Jordan is in jeopardy. Turkey - "modern Turkey" - teeters on the brink of political disaster. Iran, as long as the ayatollahs control the army, is "stable" that is, all dissent is put down harshly.

(The Soviet Communists also followed the "iron hand" policy and allowed descent only when it suited them; local rivalries were stamped out for the sake of the good of the state.

Most Moslem countries are basically a collection of tribes, each with its own values that may, but often do not, align with the state's political will.)

In Israel, the response to the murders of three Jewish youths was five hours of televised speeches before the three were buried. Not one speaker - not one - called for retribution or encouraged riots in Moslem-dominated areas.

No riots.

No threats to any Arab - Moslem or not.

In Occupied Israel, a/k/a the PA territory, the reaction to one Moslem youth is rioting and, from Aza (Gaza) continuing rocket attacks - continuing because they started well before the three Jewish youth were buried and before 6 Jews allegedly murdered the Moslem youth. (Unlike in the PA-controlled areas of Israel, there is some level of a justice system: arrest, trial, conviction, punishment.)

Was it wrong for Jews to murder the Moslem boy? Certainly.

Could it have been avoided. Likewise certainly, IF the PA had made any effort to find and arrest the murderers of the three Jewish youth. It did nothing.

Should Obama and the heads of the EU governments have expressed sympathy for the outrage to Israeli - and in one case, American - citizens? Not really. But they don't need to encourage the rioters by calling on Israel to show restraint. Kidnapping and murders take place in the U.S. and EU countries as well and no one - not in Israel or in any Islamic land - offers condolences for their losses, as horrific as they are.

Until Israel learns, and applies the lesson, that the ONLY way to convince the Moslems in Occupied Israel is the same way the Moslems behave, the riots will continue.

It should be obvious to all - but alas The World remains blind - that Israel's restraint, Israel's rule of law has NOT made a positive impression on the Moslems of Occupied Israel.

In the end, in my opinion, Israel must deal with the Moslems on the Moslems' own terms; fight fire with fire until the Moslems' fire is totally and completely extinguished.

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