Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Senators letter well-meaning
But damaging to America.


CAVEAT: I find almost everything the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. does either is not in America's best interest or is done with an underhandedness unparalleled since at least FDR's reign.

But . . .

BUT I THINK what a number of senators did regarding the president's "negotiations" with Iran is unconscionable.

Mind, I agree with the senators that the man in the White House is selling out America and its middle east "allies," primarily (and alphabetically) Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia - Israel because it is Israel, Jordan because it is one of the most liberal - comparatively speaking - countries in the Arab world, and Saudi Arabia because it's brand of Islam is different from Iran's brand of Islam.

It's pretty much a given that the incumbent is a liar who has done little either for the U.S. or its allies, preferring to get under the political sheets with extremists. He bows to foreign potentates and refuses to condemn Islamic extremism for what it is - Islam run amok.

The gentleman has destroyed any shred of respect - or fear - the world's nations may have had for the U.S. He insults America's allies in the most embarrassing ways. Even his most inept predecessors - save perhaps Jimmy Carter - caused less damage to the nation's image and Americans' pride of country.

For all that, I think the senators' public hanging out our dirty laundry was impolitic.

If nothing else, it sends a message to "the world" that our national promise is only valid while the chief executive who made the promise remains in office.

The president has taken too many liberties and ignored the Constitution which created three distinct, but equal, divisions of government.

I don't think that even FDR would have shown the absolute chutzpah as the current incumbent. Even LBJ, who had more on those in Congress than even J. Edgar Hoover, never tried to rule by fiat.

The only reason I don't encourage impeachment is because his successor might be worse.

What this country needs is not a good 5 cent cigar but an honest president such as Harry S Truman, a reluctant politician.

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