Monday, May 4, 2015


Don't have a job?
Burn out neighbors


LET ME BE "UP FRONT" about this.

Rioting because you don't have a job is criminal. There ARE jobs, lots of jobs where employers are "willing to train; no experience necessary."

Rioting because there are more blacks arrested (and found guilty) than whites likewise is criminal; look at who commits the crimes. Violent crime is more common among blacks; paper crimes and large scale crimes are committed more by whites.

All police are racist and hate blacks. Does that include black cops? Could it be because when a cop works a black neighborhood he or she gets little or no cooperation from the black community, even when investigating black-on-black crime.?


Since Baltimore is in the news now, and since many of the people taking to the streets, both the ones burning down their own neighborhood and the ones calling for calm, are complaining that "there are no jobs; it’s the economy; black men can't get work," lets look at the Baltimore Sun's on-line JOBS page.

Don't have a computer of Internet connection? Go to the local public library; most public libraries now have FREE Internet access.

The Sun's JOBS page on Sunday, May 3, 2015, listed 524 jobs with Will Train in the job description.

Nothing suits your fancy in and around Baltimore, how about other Big Cities: Chicago, Detroit, Houston, LA? Access jobs in those cities via the libraries' free Internet access. Tired of big cities? How about Gillette WY; check out the jobs listed in the News-Records JOBS page. In a town with less than 32,000 population, there were four "Will Train" jobs listed.

If you can't find a job where you live - MOVE!

Unlike some countries, the U.S. is a big place and jobs across the country are as accessible as the nearest public library. Many government employment services also have Internet access available, for free, to job seekers.

Follow Paul Simon' advice and
Hop on the bus, Gus.

I'm writing from experience. I have lived and worked in at least 13 U.S. states (as well as overseas), sometimes in several cities in the same state. Unless you are world famous for whatever it is you do - and obviously neither of us is - you have to go to the job; it won't come looking for you.

Ahh, but almost all employers want applicants with a high school education.

Get a GED.

The local school board can help with that and it's usually free. See how smart you really are compared to your peers.

By the way, where are the positive results of Head Start (thank a deep south Texan for that) and free meals at school?

Not enough options?

How about the military. That doesn't mean you will be going to Afghanistan or Iraq. While the Army and Marines probably are the most willing to take just about anyone, some people in the Air Force never leave the States during a four-year tour; you might see the world in the Navy, but if discipline is not your "thing," the Navy isn't for you. The Coast Guard might be an option, but while the Shallow Water Sailors (a misnomer, by the way) usually stay close to home, the Guard is very selective.

Blame it on "The Man"

OK, everyone knows there is a higher percentage of blacks in jail for violent crimes than whites. Everyone ought to know there is a higher percentage of whites in prison for paper crimes (fraud, tax evasion, swindles) than blacks. I've been to the United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg PA and read the names of the "guests." Most belonged to white inmates.

My son, the cop - who, by the way is a minority, albeit not black - patrols a predominately black neighborhood on rotation with other cops. What he does not get is cooperation from the neighborhood's residents, even when it is black-on-black crime. The black cops who serve with my son have the same problem, yet the community cannot or will not police itself.

Get off the street, get a job or get on a bus

The only people to blame for the riots are the rioters; people looking for an excuse to take from people who worked for that they have; to steal from their shops and to burn them out - people who braved the neighborhood and paid super high premiums on insurance, if they could buy insurance; people who when they could hired locals to help out.

No job? Stop whining and blaming everyone else. If you can't find a job in town, Hop on a bus, Gus - Greyhound has depots almost everywhere.

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