Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Say anything you want
But make sure it's "PC"


"The Donald" (Trump) is upset because, as the The UK's Daily Mail reports, Francisco Sanchez, 45, - accused of gunning down Kathryn Steinle, 32, as she walked along Pier 14 with her father on Thursday evening - had already been deported five times - and was recently released from jail by officials who routinely refuse requests to hand over illegal immigrants.

The murder came as immigration officials revealed that Sanchez should have been sent to them when he was arrested four months ago, but was let go in accordance with San Francisco's 'sanctuary city' policy.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement had marked him as an 'enforcement priority' who should have been handed over immediately.

But San Francisco officials admitted that due to a soft policy on undocumented immigrants, they do not always comply with the requests - which in Sanchez's case left him out on the streets on the night of the murder.

The politically correct (PC) Republicans running against Trump say nothing; neither supporting nor debating Trump's position. The Democrat currently said to be leading that pack, sharply criticized Trump. At the same time, it's reported that The Donald has jumped to the #2 position of the GOP hopeful ranks.

MEANWHILE, IN SOUTH CAROLINA the state's senate overwhelmingly voted to get rid of the state's flag - the Confederate States battle flag - because one crazy made it into a racist rag. The state's lower house still must vote; some want to put the flag up for a vote; others say that will only drag things out.

UNFORTUNATELY Trump is right in that too many Mexicans who cross over into the U.S. ARE criminals of one type or another. Probably, despite his pontificating that all people working on his building projects are eligible to work here, there are more than a few "undocumented residents" on the work crews.

As Trump continues to be politically incorrect, those PC people who have business with Trump are, like rats, abandoning his ship. Never mind there are binding contracts; when a few liberals are offended, those around the truth-teller quickly, and blatantly, distance themselves from the pariah known as The Donald.

I hope he sues each for breach of contract and wins.

Apparently there is no corporation that can withstand attacks from the liberal establishment.

I know that many, probably most, Mexican-Americans are good people, and I know that most Mexican "undocumented residents" are in the U.S. for one reason only: economics. As the mantra of a recent presidential contest went: "It's the economy (stupid)."

The Mexicans stay in the U.S. because Americans employ them, usually doing work Americans, no matter how long out of work, refuse to do. Human nature; the same applies in Israel, where Arabs from Occupied Israel (a/k/a the Palestinian Authority areas) do the work the Israelis - no longer Zionists - are "too good" to perform. The PA Arabs, like the Mexicans, make much better money than they would if they stayed home. (In Israel most cross the border in the morning and return in the evening.)

Perhaps Trump, to be "PC," ALSO should be concerned not just with the Homeland (No) Security's Border Patrol but also scoff-law San Francisco and the Americans who employ illegals - and that means ALL illegals, regardless of their country of origin. (That the long-outdated immigration quotas need to be reviewed goes without saying.)

Meanwhile, if South Carolina wants to get rid of offensive symbols, let it banish the cross.

After all, burning crosses are a KKK trademark. Crosses also were held before the eyes of "heretics" by Torquemada and his coreligionists of the Spanish inquisition - which spread to most of the Catholic world.

The cross is offensive to American Indians who were forced to accept it while being forced to give up their heritage and beliefs.

The cross is offensive to Muslims who remember the Crusades.

The cross is offensive to indigenous Mexicans who were made slaves by the Spanish and who were slaughtered for wealth.

Someone said, on tv, that if you want to fly the CSA battle flag, do it in your own backyard.

If you want to worship at the cross, do it inside the churches.

In other words, consider all the ramifications before marching on the state house or condemning someone = even The Donald - for exercising his right to free speech. It might be STUPID and you might strongly disagree, but in America, that right is sacrosanct.

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