Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pontiff, President. & Prime Minister

2 Visiting


IT IS INTERESTING HOW THE MUSLIM* president of the U.S. receives two different heads of state.

    * According to Islamic law, a child's father determines if he child is, or is not, a Muslim. The president's father was a Muslim, ergo his son also is a Muslim. When he is denying the fact, he was a 20-year habituate of the anti-American preacher the "Rev" Jeremiah Wright.

When the leader of the world's richest country - much of those riches pillaged from other nations - comes to visit the U.S., the president rolls out the red carpet and goes to greet the visitor at the guest's plane, with full pomp and ceremony.

When the prime minister of America's only proven ally in the Middle East visits the U.S. he is ignored by the White House. "No soup for you."

When the guy in the white kippa (a/k/a skull cap or yarmulke) hits town, he is invited to speak to a joint session of Congress, and the president - and his "finally proud of my country" spouse - will be attendance.

COMPARE THIS with the outrage displayed when the prime minister of Israel was invited by the same Congress to address a joint session.

I wonder what percentage of Catholics voted for the president in his first and second terms. I know a large percentage of Jews cast their ballots for the man, even in light of his relations with Israel and its Arab neighbors (recall the results of the president's highly touted "Arab Spring").

Perhaps knowing how the president left the prime minister cooling his heels while he went off to his own dinner, the pontiff wisely elected to dine at a Catholic charity kitchen in the District. This despite the fact that the president publically honors the pope's religious holidays with egg rolls on the lawn and massive trees in December - both paid for by the taxpayers - even those who aren't Christians (e.g., agnostics, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and others).

The visitor from Vatican City may be a bigger thorn in the president's side than the prime minister of Israel. According to CNN Pope Francis urged the United States not to turn its back on undocumented immigrants, to reject the victimization of religious and ethnic minorities, to overcome income inequality, and to save the planet from climate change, citing Scripture and the nation's founding ideals in a historic address to Congress Thursday (September 24 2015)

Interestingly, the president - who bowed low to both Japanese and Saudi royalty, barely nodded to the leader of approximately 1.2 billion people worldwide. Islam, by comparison, has approximately a "mere" 1.57 billion followers which may explain the difference between a nod to the pope and a bow to the Saudi king.

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