Friday, December 25, 2015


World leader
Denied access
To Disneyland


Muslims with terrorist ties
Unfairly discriminated against?

CBS, in a are moment of candor, reported that A DHS source tells CBS News that one of the brothers was refused entry into Israel two years ago, and his teenage son's Facebook account has links to terrorist websites.

To be fair, CBS DID bury the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) comment seven (7) paragraphs down, following "shame, shame" comments from the UK (Paragraphs 2 and 3) and a slam at presidential contender Donald Trump in Paragraph 4, and the accusation by the denied traveler that "It's because of the attacks on America. They think every Muslim poses a threat," Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, who was one of the family prevented from boarding his flight, told The Guardian. He went on to explain how the children in the group had been counting down the days until they would be able to see their extended family in southern California and visit Disneyland and Universal Studios in Paragraph 5.

To its credit, CBS did correctly note that Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslims visiting the country. Most media elect to ignore the word temporary - it's inconvenient for their purposes.

The CBS report failed to include WHY Israeli authorities prevented one of the brothers from entering Israel, CBS also failed to report if the family complained to the media and UK politicians on that occurrence. The network failed to indicate if it attempted to contact Israeli authorities and, if it did, what was Israel's response. (Complete reporting never has been a tv forte'.)

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood should consider himself in rare company.

On 18 September 1959, Nikita Khrushchev, then USSR premier, was denied access to Disneyland when Eisenhower was president.

Khrushchev, famously banged his shoe in the UN General Assembly on October, 1960, and declared (in a questionable translation): "We will bury you (the U.S.).

Khrushchev was not a Muslim, but he was the leader of the only other "super-power" and he had hobnobbed with ten-president Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower in Washington (just as the incumbent allegedly meets and greets Islamic terrorist organization leaders).

I can empathize with Mahmood's anger. Not only was he and members of his extended family banned from entering the U.S. - any nation's prerogative - but the airline, which CBS failed to identify - was it a UK or U.S. carrier? - refused to refund the £9,000 (US$13,407.70) paid for the tickets. Duty-free shop purchases also had to be returned (CBS failed to indicate if they got refunds there), nor did CBS report why the air carrier failed to inform Mahmood that he and his family would be prevented from boarding before they arrived at the airport.).

Any embarrassment Mahmood may have felt at being prevented from boarding the flight to the U.S. should be laid at the feet of the carrier - again. CBS failed to tell us on which airline Mahmood and kin were booked.

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