Friday, June 3, 2016


Speak out
Against violence


WM. CLINTON'S WIFE wants to be president.

Senator Bernie Sanders wants to be president.

Neither is acting very presidential.

WERE EITHER "ACTING PRESIDENTIAL" they would call for an end to the rioting by their supporters at rallies for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

I fail to hear or read that either Democrat candidate condemns the attacks on Trump supporters. Where are these "leaders" when they should be telling their supporters to act civilized, to restrain themselves, to take their anger out at - not on - the ballot box.


Funny enough, Trump supporters don't seem to be attacking Clinton or Sanders supporters. Are they better people? Is Trump a more civilized candidate than his opponents?

You have to wonder.

Clinton's and Sander's silence on the attacks gives their supporters tacit approval to continue the attacks. Their silence condones the attacks.

Perhaps candidates Clinton and Sanders also support the attacks on the police who are assigned to try to maintain peace in the face of, apparently, candidate-sanctioned mob violence.

Is that the type person we want to lead our nation?

This is not the first time in recent history that riots have been associated with Democrats. Think back - or use the computer to study history - to the Democrat's Chicago Convention in 1968. The rioters were NOT from the Republican candidate's camp.

America in recent years has been polarized; the middle-of-the-road American has been marginalized while the far left and far right have taken over the political parties and the media. What civilized discussions moderates might attempt have been high jacked by the those who figuratively scream My way or the highway and tolerate no one who might dare to challenge their opinion.

Are were watching the end to an almost democracy and the birth of rule by organized violence, violence condoned by the people who would lead the nation?

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