Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trump & hate crimes

What can Washington
Do against hate crimes?

ACCORDING TO THE MEDIA, the U.S. senate is demanding that the president of the U.S. do “something” to end the anti-Semitism running rampant in America.

In fact, 100 senators sent identical letters not to the president but to
Attorney General Jeff Sessions,
FBI Director James Comey and
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Excerpt from the senate’s letter:

    "We are concerned that the number of incidents is accelerating and failure to address and deter these threats will place innocent people at risk."

It is sadly unfortunate that the senators focused solely on anti-Semitic hate crimes —logical since they are the “hate crime du jour” — when others also are hate crime victims as well.

Hate crimes — America’s disgrace

GRANTED, “hate crimes,” which the bomb threats and vandalism of Jewish-owned property most assuredly are, have been elevated to a federal crime.

In truth, the crimes should be handled by local jurisdictions with help from the federal agencies — just as was done with the rash of school bombing threats allegedly made by a spurned lover.

Bomb threats are nothing new; the only thing different between today and yesteryear is that the fools calling in the threats have free long distance dialing plans so they can (a) get a number off the Internet and (b) make a toll - free call to a victim across the country, ergo the need for federal agency assistance.

Knocking over headstones, however, is another matter.

That IS a local crime that is best handled by local law enforcement. If the locals cannot apprehend the criminals — the vandals are from out of town and disappeared immediately after committing the crime — then state and federal agencies may be involved. But does the president have to authorize such involvement? Not likely.

Regardless of the TYPE hate crime, what do people want of the federal government? Shall the National Guard be federalized to post sentries at cemeteries?

I am at a loss. What do these people want the federal government to do?

Since, as a policeman told me, cops are too few to be everywhere, perhaps we need to pay more attention to our schools, cemeteries, places of worship, and neighborhoods. Cell phones are good “weapons”: take a photo and call 9-1-1, but do NOT confront the vandal.

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