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Taurus warranty
Not worth paper
Used to print it

Repeated appeals ignored by Customer Support

I OWN A TAURUS M605 5-shot “snubbie.” It’s strictly a self-defense weapon, accurate to about 15 feet.

The 605 fires both .38 and .357 magnum cartridges. (NB). I bought mine second hand — now I know why.

Made in Brasil for Miami FL-based Taurus USA, the M605 has a less than 2-inch barrel and has a five-chamber cylinder. As a self-defense weapon, it should be a good choice, especially when loaded with .357 magnum rounds.

My first born, a police detective, took me to his favorite range when I visited him on Florida’s west coast. I shot about 30 rounds of .38 LRN (range) ammunition. Then, because I wanted him to experience a fast round, I loaded in 5 rounds of Liberty Civil Defense .357 magnum, 50 grain Copper, Monolithic, Hollow-Point. (Liberty’s words.) I fired four shots and he fired the fifth.

When I tried to extract the fired Liberty cartridge cases they wouldn’t budge. We tried to push them out with the snubbie’s extractor rod; no luck.

We waited about 5 minutes. The cases cooled and, apparently, “shrunk” back to their original diameter. We managed to extract the cases.

I complained to Taurus USA in Miami on

    June 17
    June 25
    and July 4.

I tried contacting Taurus USA Customer Support via snail mail (June 17) and via the company web site (June 25 and July 4).

Same result each time: No response. Not by snail mail, not by email.

On July 9th I took my son-in-law to a local range. I fired 20 rounds of .38 LRN and 30 rounds of .357 magnum 158 grain JSP. When I tried to fire the 31st round of .357 magnum the gun’s cylinder locked and the gun would not fire.

A gun that will not fire, or one from which fired cartridge cases cannot be extracted, is useless.

While I never intend to be in a gun fight and need to fire round after round, I would like to be able to shoot as much as I want at the range. (My shooting beyond 15 feet needs much improvement, and the only way to get that improvement is to spend time on the range.)

On July 10th I contacted Taurus USA Customer Support once again via snail mail, with a response deadline of July 21st — plenty of time for my letter to travel the few miles to Miami, be read, an answer composed, and the reply returned via snail mail. (Customer Support also has my email.)

    This is posted at 11 p.m. on July 22; still no ressponse from Taurus.

I discovered that Taurus USA has a bad — and getting worse — reputation when it comes to Customer Support.

The complaints range from no response to customer communications to unconscionably long delays in repairing and returning a Taurus firearm. There are, to be fair, a few people satisfied with Taurus USA’s Customer Support.

There is a lot to be said for Taurus USA products; sadly, there is too much to be said about Taurus USA’s absolute lack of customer support.

Would I buy another Taurus product? Not a chance. The product may be good, but without support, it is not worth my money.

Recapping contact attempts

DateContact MethodResponse
July 17Snail mailNone
June 25Web siteNone
July 4Web siteNone
July 9Snail mailNone

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NB: “Bullets” are the small bit of material at the end of a cartridge. See the illustration (and article) at I learned this when I ordered bullets on line. I should have known better; I’ve been shooting guns since I was 6 years old. “Pistols” generally are one of the following: revolver, semi-automatic/automatic, and Derringer. Semi-autos and many rifles and some shotguns have magazines which feed cartridges to the weapon’s chamber. Clips feed cartridges to magazines.

LRN=Lead Round Nose bullet type
JSP=Jacketed Soft Point
JHP=Jacketed Hollow Point


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