Friday, November 21, 2014

Where are they

Loudest voices disappear
When criminal is black


A black lawyer enters a university library and starts shooting; wounding three people before committing "suicide by cop."

Black children and young adults shoot other black children and young adults.

Black on black violent crime is rampant in all major metro areas of the U.S.

But you don't see Al Sharpton, Jessie Burns (alias Jessie Jackson), or Barack Hussein Obama railing against blacks who commit crimes, violent or otherwise.

But if a white person insults a black person or acts violently against a black person, our heroes are both visible and vocal.

The other day a black man, a graduate of Florida State University and a graduate of a Texas law school, a practicing attorney, walked into an FSU library with a semi-automatic pistol and pockets full of extra ammunition and started shooting, apparently at random targets.

There is some suggestion that the shooter was deranged. Silence from the trio of "rush to condemn" leaders.

Black on black violent crime is rampant; there is not a day that a black person is not attacked by another black person, often the attack is with a gun and often there seems no reasoning behind the attack. Drive by shootings are all too common; innocent children - kids who have yet to reach school age - are wounded by wild shots from automatic weapons.

But the voices of Jackson, Obama, and Sharpton are quiet.

Maybe the daily events are not as newsworthy - that is to say, not as likely to get the trio as much ego air time on the tv news (and rehashing of same ad nauseam).

But let a white person shot a black person and suddenly there is a great gnashing of the teeth and wailing even before any evidence is available to explain WHY the incident occurred. Never let an absence of facts get between one of the trio and a tv camera.

It's a bit like the "Palestinians" in Israel. An Egged (Israeli bus company) hangs himself and the rock throwers hit the streets and the knife wielders go after Jews at prayer, never mind that even a "Palestinian" doctor witnesses the bus driver's autopsy and agreed that the cause of death was suicide.

I am NOT condoning white-on-black or Jew-on-"Palestinian" crime; I'm not condoning crime period.

I am criticizing the trio of mouths - they make Cassius Clay/Mohammed Ali seem like a silent Cistercian monk by comparison - who seem to limit their comments to those issues that get the most tv time.

Since black-on-anyone crime is, alas, not a novelty, there is no tv fame to be gained by railing about the violence. (Likewise, "Palestinian" attacks on Jews in Israel usually are ignored by the UN and EU and misreported in the media, but let an Israeli act against a "Palestinian," then the world takes umbrage.)

I don't see the trio of mouths taking to their soap boxes when a homosexual is abused, nor do I see Jackson and Sharpton standing on courthouse steps in support of illegal - let's not play semantic games and call them "undocumented" - aliens.

Not enough tv cameras around to tempt they preachers. (Obama can get the cameras on a whim; the selectively used perks of the office.)

FOR THE RECORD, I think Cassius Clay/Mohammed Ali still is the greatest boxer of modern times. Class act.

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