Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Getting it wrong - again



THE INCUMBENT AT 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue either is a failed comedian or a total fool.

According to the president of the U.S., once a highly respected office, the current title holder told the world that the Republican candidates for president are not qualified to debate other nations' leaders since they couldn't handle CNBC moderators.

His audience of camp followers and sycophants laughed on cue, failing to realize that

  • The Republican candidates DID put the "moderators" in their place and
  • The "moderators," liberals out to make fools of the GOP candidates, were instead proven to be fools BY the candidates.

Following the president's teleprompter thoughts, would people really expect Russia's Putin to ask a U.S. president if he (or she) could do math? Would China's leader, Xi Jinping, President & General Secretary of the Communist Party, ask which comic books the president preferred? Would even Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, crazy as he is, ask a U.S. president an equally ridiculous question?

Only a liberal, in Hilary's pocket, CNBC moderator would ask such idiotic, irrelevant questions of candidates standing for election to the nation's highest office.

Indeed, would anyone at CNBC ask Mrs. Clinton if her husband was still having affairs with young women or smoking pot - but, naturally, not inhaling; would they ask her why she decided to violate both law and policy to set up a private email service and maintain a personal email account for State Department communications, also illegal and against policy?

As a former honest print reporter and editor - the term "journalist" has been disgraced by the current crop of men and women with agendas - I resent the way the media, tv and print, have forgotten how to report, as Jack Webb (tv's Sgt. Joe Friday, LAPD) never intoned, "just the facts" (Even bloggers need to check their "facts"; something today's' "journalists" apparently cannot bother to do.)

FOR ANOTHER take on the CNBC vs. GOP candidates debacle that the president managed to get wrong, see Deadline Hollywood's RNC Rips GOP Debate Moderators: “CNBC Should Be Ashamed”

The president thinks CNBC won the debate, but any one who watched it knows otherwise. Even Putin, Xi, and maybe even Khamenei would realize that any of the GOP debaters could go toe-to-toe with them. Republicans have done that in the past, and have had greater success than their Democratic counter-parts.

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