Monday, November 16, 2015


Only Muslims
Can end
Muslim terrorism


ALTHOUGH THE FOOL IN THE WHITE HOUSE declared Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) "contained," someone forgot to tell the Muslim terrorists who populate Daesh - and similar organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, and 40-plus other Islamic groups that continue to attack anyone not with them (and sometimes, as in the case of Daesh and Hezbollah, even one another).

The ONLY people who can defeat Daesh et al are Muslims themselves. The question is: Are there enough Muslims brave enough to stand against Daesh and its ilk? So far, the answer seems to be a resounding "NO!"


Does anyone remember any of the following home grown terrorists groups?

Note: Where possible, I provided links to the groups' home pages so readers can see the groups' "philosophies" for themselves.

Most of the groups above were populated by young people who wanted to "make a change"; they wanted to "be involved" with improving - they thought - the world, or at least their local environment. They wanted, and in the groups they found, "a cause." They also found a society of like-minded people. Their leaders usually are charismatic; the followers like the children in the Piped Piper of Hamlin found something agreeable - in the terrorists' case, an opportunity to "change things" - and took up the cause.

Throughout history, the "cause" for many was ill-gotten gain, e.g., many of the Crusaders who pillaged and murdered innocents on their way to the Holy Land..

Many of the foregoing groups either are passé or a laughing stock simply because Americans loudly rejected their hateful beliefs. Some had, or at least claimed to initially have, a reason to exist, but the reason was soon forgotten as the targets of their obsessions changed.

The point is that the ONLY people who can being change to the Muslim terrorists are Muslims themselves. They must want Islam to be the "peaceful religion" many claim it to be and they must be prepared to counter the extremists among them.

Until that happens, whenever someone sees an "obvious" Muslim - obvious by their apparel or presence at a Muslim site - the Muslim will be looked upon with suspicion and, possibly, hatred justified by the Muslim's silence in face of the terrorists in their midst.

If "moderate" Muslims in the U.S. want to avoid the "Muslim stigma," they must be both vocal and visible in protesting Muslim terrorists' activities around the world, be they against non-Muslims or other Muslims.

Until that happens in America, non-Muslim Americans will look on all Muslims as if they are terrorists ready to strike.

That is the logic generated by Muslim terrorists.


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