Monday, May 9, 2016


Does Trump need
GOP establishment?


A CARTOON I SAW SUGGESTS THAT "The Donald" might be bettered off WITHOUT the backing of the Republican establishment.

Since many of the "Old Guard" Republicans find it hard to get behind the candidate who, based on his vote count, clearly is the choice of the rank-and-file - or alternatively, seeing that the "Old Guard's preferences* were rejected by the rank and file - perhaps Trump SHOULD thumb his nose at the establishment.

Cartoon from Yaakov Kirschen's Dry Bones blog

Which "establishment" pols are, as of May 9, 2016, either attacking Trump or pretending they can't make up their minds, include

    Geo. Romney, failed candidate,
    Jeb Bush, failed candidate,
    John Kasich, failed candidate,
    and Ted Cruz, failed candidate

The remaining GOP dropouts may think silence is the better part of political posturing, perhaps eyeing a possible Trump invitation to be on the ticket as vice president. Failing that, there will be a plethora of cabinet positions to fill.

Marco Rubio might being some Latino voters into Trump's camp, along with those Mexicans who understand Mexican criminals only turn other Americans against them - unjust, perhaps, but that's human nature. The same should hold true for American Muslims, albeit there are no Muslim candidates to run with Trump.

Ben Carson and Chris Christie, both failed candidates, have had some kind words for Trump, but I have not heard any failed Republican candidate tell his supporters to go with Trump; to tell his (or her, in Carly Florina's case) to cast their ballots for Trump if the convention is rigged to prevent his nomination by the establishment.

The U.S. has had other "blustering" presidents - Theo. (TR) Roosevelt comes to mind. We have had some "outrageous" presidents - my favorite is LBJ. We have had some presidents whose language was often "colorful" - Richard M. Nixon most notably We also have had presidents who were womanizers and who cheated on their spouses, some more than others. No one has accused Trump of cheating on a spouse - or being cheated on BY a spouse.

Trump IS an opportunist, and for America, that may be just what the country needs to restore our pride in ourselves, if not restore the U.S. to a leadership position. He apparently is pragmatic - he has admittedly given financial support to both Democratic and Republican politicians, and he has been known to revisit - or "backtrack" - on positions that might prove unattainable.

Mrs. Clinton can justly claim she has a wealth of international experience as Secretary of State under Obama - Arab Spring, Iran nuke deal, and Benghazi come to mind. But Trump also has international experience, dealing with governments and businesses alike. Certainly his overseas investments fly in the ace of his "bring jobs back to the U.S.A " position, but perhaps if he is elected he will set an example by doing just that - bringing back jobs to America.

What Trump - so far - is not is in the "establishment's" pocket, be the "establishment" the GOP (questionable) leadership, the D.C. politicians' club, or the lobbyists clique.

Maybe cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen is right; Trump may be better off without the support of the failed candidates and a still undecided Paul Ryan.

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