Tuesday, May 10, 2016


"PC" on a field
Of bovine feces


IT IS NO WONDER THAT "The Donald" (Trump) has such a following.

Under liberal Democrats, political correctness and "all others' rights" rule.

Case in point: A federal DEPARTMENT (Justice) is telling states that they must allow transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice.


As a white male, my civil rights have been limited for years.

Females must be admitted to male-only domains and organizations, but males can be - and are - banned from female domains and organizations (think Shapes; it advertises "Shapes Total Fitness locations are exclusively for women.")

Female reporters voyeuristically wander males' locker rooms to get a story; has anyone ever heard of a male reporter being allowed in a female athlete's locker room?

Now, a federal department - not Congress, not a court, and not even Obama with his penchant for executive orders that run roughshod over the constitution - has ordered states to let transgender people - those who consider themselves a sex other than their biological sex - entry into any public- accessible bathroom regardless of their biological sex.

For the record, when I learned English, "sex" was a male and female identifier for humans; "gender" was for everything else. Many non-English languages apply "gender" to objects such as tables and anatomical parts such as eyes. Even in casual English, couples have "sexual relations," they don't have "gender relations."

Mrs. Clinton, if elected, promises to keep up Obama's good work, to sustain his legacy, a legacy that her husband called "awful." (There goes HIS shot at a cabinet position.)

And then there is that nasty word "terrorism."

It seems almost nothing is "terrorism" any more, and never, never are the words "Muslim" and "terrorism" allowed to be uttered together. In Germany a Muslim attacked people with a knife at a train depot while exclaiming "Allah is Great."

"Allah is Great" it the battle cry of Muslim terrorists around the globe.

But if a mass murderer is a Muslim he - or she - obviously cannot be a "terrorist." Saying that, even in the face of clear evidence that yes, the attacker IS a Muslim and a terrorist is not "PC." Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist; the Unabomber was a terrorist. But neither was Muslim so calling them terrorists is OK, it's PC.

AND THEN WE HAVE the U.S Agency for International Development giving Hamas - which the U.S. considers a terror organization and with which it has no official relations - $50 million for an aid program for the Gaza Strip.

This $50 million is on top of $5.4 BILLION pledged at a donor conference meant to raise funds to rebuild the Gaza Strip. Qatar, which is close to the enclave’s rulers, offered the most. (To be fair, Robert Turner, the Gaza head of UNWRA – the UN agency for Palestine refugees – said that “virtually none” of the pledged funds had reached the territory.)

Who will monitor the fund the American taxpayer is giving to Hamas, considered a terrorist group not just by the U.S. but by a number of other nations as well? The watchdog will be Catholic Relief Services.

Does anyone have information on how Hamas treats non-Muslims, in fact anyone other than its Sunni brand of Islam? How does Hamas deal with Christians in Gaza? The Rescue Christians.org web site has an article titled Christians In Gaza Have Faced Increasing Persecution Since Hamas Wrested Control that gives a "clue" how the Catholic Relief Services will be greeted and tolerated. The Gatestone Institute also discuses the The Disquieting Treatment of Christians by the Palestinians. I could have cited the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs article The beleaguered Christians of The Palestinian-controlled areas but it might be considered biased, at least by the politically correct.

Even the UN's Blue Bonnets cower from Hamas' militias and allow Hamas to use UN facilities as points to launch rockets into Israel - and places to hide when Israel retaliates.

Asking U.S. taxpayers to rebuild Gaza following damage inflicted by Israel in response to continued Hamas attacks is "PC" as is condemning Israel for the"chutzpah" of defending its citizens from Hamas attacks.

Interesting to note that while Americans are giving Hamas $50 million, there are those in Gaza City who don't seem to be suffering, at least not according to a YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbKxiQbJ9U0.

What America needs is not "a good five cent cigar" but a leader in the mold of Harry S (no period) Truman (remember the Berlin Airlift?)

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