Sunday, October 2, 2016


Voters’ choice:
PC or honesty

NO ONE WILL ARGUE that candidate Donald Trump is (very) often not “politically correct.” Like an umpire or referee, he “calls’em as he sees’em.” (The Howard Cosell of politics?)

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton almost always is politically correct, but her honesty has proven questionable.

Trying to deny that Mrs. Clinton is dishonest flies in the face of reality.

Likewise, suggesting that Mrs. Clinton is able to make decisions on critical matters in short time, is as fruitless as the incumbent’s decision making abilities.

On the other hand, Trump is brash. He makes decisions based on information at hand – in the case of a nuclear attack from any foreign source, the president has less than 10 minutes to decide: “Shoot/Don’t shoot” (U.S. missiles).

The U.S. defense establishment and the politicians in its pocket only consider Putin’s Russia a threat, ignoring China with its state-of-the-art navy, North Korea with its nuclear-tipped ICBMs, and Iran. While Iran lacks an ICBM capable of reaching the U.S. it threatens U.S. interests and allies in the region.

Clinton considers Putin as a thug; he may well be a thug. But his decisiveness appeals to Trump, who is equally decisive, making communication between the two countries possible. Remember the “mutual destruction” threat that prevented a nuclear war when Russia was a major power.

Clinton, as Secretary of State, ignored appeals from State Department diplomats in Libya; her distain for their safety led to the deaths of four men. Not the type decision maker the U.S. needs in the White House.

Trump is no diplomat. He is accustomed to saying what he thinks and in getting the job done. Politically correct he is not.

He DOES admit at least some of his egregious remarks; in many cases, he admits the remarks and then – should anyone care to listen – explains why he said what he said.

As Clinton’s all-day tv advertisement suggests, his remarks are not for young ears. Given that, why does she run the ads when children are at home in front of a tv set? Seems a perfect example of yet another Clinton oxymoron.

Ronald Reagan was politically INcorrect on occasion, as when he called the former Soviet Union the “evil empire.” Most presidents – Democrat and Republican – are politically incorrect from time to time. Johnson picked up his beagle by the ears and raised the hackles of animal lovers everywhere. FDR interned Japanese-Americans because they looked different. (He did not intern German Americans – even those associated with the pro-nazi Bunds – and not Italian Americans.)

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