Friday, September 23, 2016


Does Hillary THINK
Before taking action?
Anti-Trump ad says “No”

PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL HILLARY CLINTON is proving, again and again and again, that she either

  • Doesn’t think before acting, or

  • Listens to bad advice from bad advisors

Mrs. Clinton continues to run an anti-Trump advertisement showing her opponent behaving in a manner she contends should not be seen by children.

THEN, she runs the advertisement

  • In the morning while children are eating breakfast

  • During the day when pre-schoolers and home schooled kids can watch

  • During the “prime time” when many families watch together
  • .

If she wants to protect the impressionable children from Trump’s outbursts, will someone, ANYONE, explain WHY SHE RUNS THE ADS WHEN CHILDREN ARE MOST APT TO SEE THEM?

AS HARRY S FAMOUSLY said, “The buck stops here,” at Truman’s desk when he was president. (Harry S also said a number of other things today’s Americans are well advised to consider.) The President had the sign on his desk in the Oval Office.

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton fails to realize what President Truman understood, or perhaps she – like her husband ex-president Wm. (“I did not have sex with that woman”) Clinton – believes that her public doesn’t care what she does or says.

    Sensitive emails to a private server?
    Selling access to the Secretary of State for donations to the Clinton fund

Can Obama pardon Hillary before she moves into his house? Can she give a presidential pardon to herself? Granted, the FBI was convinced not to find anything “criminal” about her emails – just ANOTHER case of “bad judgment” on the Clintons’ part.

Americans have had better presidential candidates then Clinton and Trump; but after eight years of “change” (that brought us the “Arab Spring” and the rise of Islamist terror, of loss of the world’s respect for the nation, increased street murders and drive-by shootings claiming the lives of children, political correctness to the enth degree – the list goes on), perhaps Clinton and Trump are the best we can do. Or, perhaps they are what we deserve.

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ONLY ONE of the foregoing take issue with the Clinton advertisement, five of the six ignoring the damage Hillary is doing in trying to protect our children from unbridled Trump - trying to protect our children by repeating the advertisement again and again and again. Some “protection.” Like a fox in the hen house.

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