Sunday, February 19, 2017


Mangling the language
To suit liberal mentality

THE MEDIA TELLS US that President Trump wants to deport immigrants.

What Trump repeatedly said was he intends to deport ILLEGAL immigrants. Immigrants, like the many that inhabit my part of the world, are LEGAL immigrants, and that have no fear that, barring commission of a serious crime, they will be deported.

This morning (19 Feb 2017) a tv talking head said that the only immigrants that should be deported are ones who commit a crime.

By definition, ILLEGAL immigrants already committed a crime when they crossed into the U.S.

These people, in liberal speak, or “undocumented aliens” in real-world speak that are — you guessed it — illegal immigrants.

THE LEFTISTS ARE CORRECT in one aspect. They say it is inhumane to deport parents who are illegal immigrants while their children are left in the U.S.

Absolutely correct.

Deport the children with their parents. That’s the only humane thing to do. Family sanctity and all that.

Unless the children were born in the U.S., they are as illegal as their parents. The U.S. has a long tradition of helping to keep families together; so to that end, deport the U.S.-born children with their parents. As a sop to the leftists, give these deported illegals with born-in-the-U.S.A. children a high spot on the immigration quota lists.

I DO part company with the government when it comes to selecting a destination country for the deportees. Unless it is the illegals’ desire, don’t send them back to the country they left; that might put lives in danger. Give them an destination option — maybe Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will welcome them as he is welcoming Syrians. Mexico’s President Vicente Fox might welcome Spanish-speaking illegals, many of whom are Mexican nationals anyway. (For my two cents, the government should deport the Americans who employ the illegals; since that cannot be done, they should jail them for — at a minimum — the same number of years they employed illegals.)

LEGAL immigrants are safe — assuming they are law-abiding residents.

The leftists are correct — this country was made great by immigrants. The first immigration law only came into effect in 1870. Passports were required after 1918, following the European lead. Prior to that time, all immigration was legal. In other words, while America was made great by immigrants, until 1870 all immigrants were legal. These people, and their descendants made the nation great, as did LEGAL immigrants after that year.

Aside from the illegals who entered the country illegally, there are many – from many countries — who are illegal because they over-stayed their visas; they went “under the radar” of the woefully inadequate and perhaps incompetent Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Some of those who “extended” their stay in the U.S. may well behave as good citizens, but still they are illegal and need to be sent packing. Again, WHERE to send the illegals should be the illegal’s choice — going “home” may be dangerous to their health.

FOR THE RECORD — The Democrats are not the only ones who reward illegal — sorry, “undocumented” — aliens; GOP presidents also have put illegals on a fast track to citizenship; a reward for breaking the line and preventing law-abiding applications for immigration to wait longer and longer. They hurt the U.S. and they hurt their own neighbors at home.

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