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Visas & asylum
The legal ways
To enter America

THERE ARE (AT LEAST) TWO (2) WAYS to enter — and remain — in the U.S. legally.

The “undocumented aliens,” more correctly known as “illegal immigrants,” elected NOT to use either method.


There are work visas, with many variations on the theme.

There are student visas.

There are visitor visas.

There are two primary visa categories:

    1.  Immigrant visas

    2.  Nonimmigant visas

In all, there are more that 35 visa types.

The only “catch” to entering the country on a visa is that most visas have an expiration date.

There are select countries whose citizens can enter the U.S. sans paper visa. All a terrorist needs to do is to “prove” citizenship in one of the participating countries.


The U.S. has, from time-to-time been known as a place persecuted people could find refuge. At other times, such as World War 2, “not so much.”

The recommended way for a refugee to seek asylum in the U.S. is to get to one of the U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions and ask for asylum. There is, of course, no guarantee asylum will be granted, but it IS the “starting point.” The same holds true for other nations that often offer asylum to selected people.

The government facility is expected to carefully review the asylum seeker’s reasons and then to investigate the seeker’s politics — would the person be a danger to America and its citizens.

    These same U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions also are the place to start when seeking a visa to come to the U.S. (with the exception of residents of countries that can enter the U.S. sans paper visa).


The U.S. still maintains a “quota system” for immigrants. This system has been in place for many decades (and helped send nearly 1,000 Jews escaping nazi Germany back to their deaths)


One underhanded trick illegals use to enter the U.S. at least “semi-legally” is to have — or send – a child to the U.S. A child delivered on U.S. soil is known as an “anchor” baby, giving the child’s mother an “anchor” to buck the system and stay in the U.S. The baby’s father soon applies to come to the U.S. to complete the family.

Another way, apparently popular in Mexico, is to ship a child — or children — across the border, and then apply to enter the U.S. legally in order to “complete the family unit.” According to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, “sending children to the U.S. illegally ‘is not the solution.”


Illegal immigrants — by definition, criminals who broke U.S. immigration law — either (a) crossed a border (Canada, Mexico) illegally, (b) entered legally on a visa and remained after the visa expired, or (c) who lied — oft times with help of a U.S. resident — on the visa application, claiming to be what he or she is not. Options (b) and (c) often go hand-in-hand.

In all three cases, a blind eye is required of a U.S. resident who provides employment or helps the illegal apply for taxpayer-paid government assistance. The people who assist the illegals also are committing a crime and should be prosecuted.

No one argues that “immigrants made America great,” and everyone who listens to, or reads the words of, President Trump (versus getting edited sound bites from tv or the liberal media) knows — even if reluctant to admit it — that Trump’s tirades are only about ILLEGAL immigrants or, if you prefer to ignore reality, “undocumented aliens.”

Immigrants ARE welcome in the U.S.

Refugees ARE welcome in the U,S,

But there is a process that can, and must, be followed if the newcomer is to live here legally.

There are many ways to legally enter — and stay — the U.S.

Illegals are at a disadvantage. While the law gives them rights equal to a U.S. citizen it does not guarantee a minimum wage and benefits or an opportunity to improve their way of life — even if the sub-standard way of life in the U.S. is better than the life left behind. Finally, the illegal must always be looking over his (or her) shoulder in fear of being deported.

No one disagrees that “all humans are legal,” but the issue is in what connection. Try to illegally enter most countries and enjoy the inside of a prison.


The following is a selection of how other countries deal with illegal immigrants.







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