Monday, January 4, 2016


I spy,
You spy,
We all spy


SOME ISRAELIS ARE UPSET because presidential hopeful Donald Trump admits - image that, an honest candidate! - he would be "open" to having the U.S. spy on other nations and their leadership.

Dumb Donald. Doesn't he realize that, like "passing gas," everybody does it but nobody admits it.

Didn't the U.S. recently admit it was listening in on phone conversations between UK leaders and others?

Opps, caught in the act

24 Oct 2013: 35 world leaders 'had their phones monitored by US spies'

Hours after Angela Merkel confronted President Barack Obama over allegations that her personal mobile had been tapped, new documents showed that US surveillance extended to dozens of other heads of government.

The White House told The Telegraph the US had never monitored David Cameron's communications but would not give the same assurance about other leaders.

30 October 2013: US spy chiefs defend wiretapping of foreign leaders, mass surveillance programs

Appearing Tuesday before the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander defended the NSA’s blanket surveillance programs, including its wiretapping of the heads of governments of US allies.

The intelligence chief’s testimony came amidst a mounting international diplomatic crisis following revelations that the NSA tapped the cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for more than ten years, part of a surveillance program that also targeted at least 34 other government leaders. Trans-Atlantic tensions were compounded by reports that the NSA recently spied on 70 million telephone calls or text messages in France and 60 million in Spain in the space of one month.

Both instances above were admissions by the the Democrat's Obama administration.

Even now Israel's prime minister complains that Obama's people are spying on him.

Not just spying

The U.S. has, as do most "major powers," a few former "major powers," and a few "major power" want-to-be's, contingency plans to invade not only states deemed to be hostile, but friendly states, too.

Of course the only reason the U.S. would invade a friendly country - say England - would be if suddenly that country was taken over by unfriendliness. When members of People's Revolutionary Army of Grenada looked like they might get the upper hand on the island, then-president Ronald Reagan sent in the Marines.

25 Oct1983: Invasion by the United States

The overthrow of a moderate government by one which was strongly pro-communist worried the administration of (Republican) President Ronald Reagan. Particularly worrying was the presence of Cuban construction workers and military personnel who were building a 10,000-foot (3,000 m) airstrip on Grenada.

The island's president had stated the purpose of the airstrip was to allow commercial jets to land, but US military analysts argued that the only reason for constructing such a long and reinforced runway was so that it could be used by heavy military transport planes. The contractors, American and European companies, and the EEC, which provided partial funding, all claimed the airstrip did not have military capabilities.[9] Reagan was worried that Cuba – under the direction of the Soviet Union – would use Grenada as a refuelling stop for Cuban and Soviet aeroplanes loaded with weapons destined for Central American communist insurgents.

Democrat or Republican, American, Israeli (Pollard), or any other friendly or not-so-friendly government, everyone spies on everyone else. It's the nature of government - and corporations, too.

The fact that "The Donald" candidly admits he would continence spying on others proves he is not a politician - or at least not the typical politician if Obama and his predecessors are any indication.

I'm certain Republican contenders far from Trump's commanding lead in the polls (who polls whom?) and the Democratic contingent of presidential hopefuls will raise a hew and cry that Trump is unfit for the presidency because he has the audacity to admit he would - gasp - spy on both friends and foes alike if it will enhance America's safety.

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