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Never in
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A COUPLE OF ITEMS THAT may have been missed by the biased media.

Male refugees banned from German pool over harassment complaints

Imagine if someone tried to ban anyone, even someone with a reputation of ill repute, from going anywhere and doing anything in the Politically Correct U.S. Someone, the ACLU or similar organization, would be up in arms; if the banned person was a "person of color," Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, et al would be calling for stet-blocking rallies and tv press conferences.

Then, in liberal Europe, we have


In Denmark if you live off the state (called Kontanthjælp) you spend your own money first, if you have cash, no Kontanthjælp. The Danish rule applies also to immigrants, that's the deal, its not some kind of fascist scheme. So Denmark asking something from immigrants who have money.


Switzerland seizing assets from refugees to cover costs

Refugees arriving in Switzerland have to turn over to the state any assets worth more than 1,000 Swiss francs (£690) to help pay for their upkeep, the broadcaster SRF has reported.

Syrian refugees bypass Switzerland for EU states

Switzerland has a stricter asylum policy compared to elsewhere in Europe.

Swiss negotiating sending refugees back to Turkey

Swiss migration authorities are negotiating an agreement wherein Turkey would take back refugees who had travelled to Switzerland via their country, according to Mario Gattiker, head of the State Secretariat for Migration SEM.


Hungary has declared a state of emergency and sealed off its southern border with Serbia, which has for the last several weeks served as a shortcut to Germany. Those who disregard the barricade and try to enter Hungary anyway are being detained—something that neither the refugees nor Hungarian officials want. The result is chaos on the Serbian side of the border, where thousands of migrants are stacked up like overflow dolls that wouldn’t fit into a toy chest. Serbian officials are panicked and outraged. Riots are breaking out


At Our Border, Better to Be Syrian than Mexican

President Obama has said that the United States will accept as many as 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year, which begins on October 1. And, amid foreign intelligence reports suggesting that 2 to 5 percent of this pool of refugees might be affiliated with the Islamic State, Americans are trying to sort out whether they’re feeling accommodating or alarmed. If those estimated are accurate, we could be preparing to welcome to our shores between 200 to 500 potential terrorists.

Cubans Flood Mexico in Bid to Reach U.S.

Cuban migrants, fearing the gate will soon close on their easy access to legal U.S. residency, have been surging by the thousands through Mexico in a bid to touch soil in southern Texas.

The surge was prompted by the detente between Washington and Havana, which restored diplomatic relations in December.

Cubans arriving on Mexico’s southern border say the change they consider most imminent is an end to the fast track to legal U.S. residency that their compatriots have enjoyed for generations. The so-called dry foot provisions of the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act allows migrants fleeing the island who make U.S. landfall to apply for asylum and all but certainly obtain a green card in only a year.

“There are thousands more on the way behind us,” said a 38-year-old father of three who was among a dozen young Cubans who turned themselves into Mexican immigration officials last week in Tapachula, a city near the Guatemala border, to obtain papers allowing them to continue northward toward the Rio Grande.

“The idea now is to work hard and to live like a human being,” the engineer said of his plans once the couple reaches Miami. “I don’t need to be rich. I want to live free and feed my family, that is all. In Cuba it’s impossible to aspire to anything.”

Facing possible Cuban immigrant influx, Miami-Dade schools ask for federal funding

The Miami-Dade County school district faces a possible influx of students coming from Cuba and wants the federal government to provide additional money to help educate them.

Board members on Wednesday unanimously decided to ask for more funding for schools, where almost 4,000 Cuban students have enrolled in the last six months alone. No number was attached, but Superintendent Alberto Carvalho told the Miami Herald the cost to educate incoming students could be “upwards of $40 million.”

“This should not force a financial crunch on our school system,” he said. “This can be avoided if our federal government takes action.”

The Pew Research Center says there has been a 78 percent increase in the number of Cubans arriving in the country over the last year. Local municipalities and social service agencies are in preparation mode as an estimated 8,000 Cubans stuck in Costa Rica begin to move towards Mexico. The assumption is that many will end up in the U.S., where Cubans enjoy special immigration status that eases the path to legal residency and citizenship.

“This is not going to be the Mariel boatlift,” Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado said in remarks to the school board. “But they’re coming, and they want to come to the City of Miami.”

The school district’s request is only the latest coming from South Florida. Three Miami Republicans have sent three separate requests to President Barack Obama to draft a plan to deal with the increasing number of refugees. The mayors of Miami, Hialeah and Doral have also said the federal government must step in with additional funding.


Here's a map of every state refusing to accept Syrian refugees

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