Monday, January 11, 2016


Question for Obama:
How do criminals
Acquire their guns?


A QUESTION FOR OBAMA: How will your executive order over-riding states' rights on gun control keep fully-automatic assault rifles and other weapons out of the hands of criminals?

It's a funny thing, but when guns are bought legally and later used in a crime - such as the San Bernadino attacks by a couple of Muslims, the media are all over the fact that the guns were purchased legally.

But when the guns are acquired illegally - that is, in my state, when a purchase record cannot be found (all gun purchases are filed at the state capital) - the media are quiet.

HERE IN SOUTH FLORIDA, particularly in Dade County (Miami and surrounding area) and Fort Lauderdale in Broward County, shootings are common place. There were three Saturday night in Miami alone. Most of the drive-by shootings are black on black. Cuban criminals, while sometimes involved in assaults, most often prefer theft of property and taxpayer dollars. That is not to suggest that there are no Anglo criminals on south Florida's streets.

But the shootings beg the question: Where are the shooters getting their guns, the preferred being fully automatic high powered rifles and automatic pistols with extended magazines (clips)?

They can't buy them at the local gun stores and pawn shops without the sale being registered. They cannot buy them at gun shows without the sale being registered.

They CAN steal them from their legal owners (and modify the gun from semi- to full-auto) and the CAN buy them from other criminals who "acquire" the weapons from unidentified sources (including, directly or indirectly, the U.S. government).

Since many, if not most, of the shootings I hear about in south Florida fail to tell me the weapon was legally purchased, I have to assume the guns were acquired illegally.

Obama's executive order does nothing - zero, zip, nada - to prevent illegal acquisition of firearms.

It is as effective as the Federal government's ban on the illegal importation, sale (and manufacture) of addictive drugs - from ethical pharmaceuticals to the neighborhood meth lab. (To be fair, the U.S. Coast Guard does a pretty good job of interdicting some drugs bound for the U.S.)

Where is Obama's executive order banning illegal immigration across all borders - not just the U.S.-Mexican sieve. Cubans, too many who are criminals, easily make it to the U.S. and, once in, can visit Cuba and return to the U.S. legally as often as their ill-gotten gains allow.

Obama apparently is trying to go out on a high note by issuing unenforceable executive orders, perhaps to lessen the debacle of "Obamacare."

Executive orders should be enforceable; his are not.

Executive orders should be citizen-driven; his are not.

Executive orders should be temporary in nature; his are not intended to be temporary until Congress can convert the order into law.

All Obama's executive order on gun control accomplished is to rile the right and pacify the left; it will have no practical impact on guns in the hands of criminals; it is, bottom line, a farce.

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