Thursday, April 14, 2016


Does anybody
See the similarity



I WATCH THE "NEWS" and I see hecklers torment Trump and his supporters at Trump rallies.

I see hecklers torment people at pro-Israel rallies.

I see anti-Trump protestors try to prevent people for going to places where the candidate is slated to speak.

I see anti-Israel organizations ban Jews from even entering their venue.

I read newspaper headlines and hear tv talking heads slant what is supposed to be unbiased news to paint Trump, Israel, and Jews as aggressors rather than victims.


Protestors baiting Trump supporters? Never happens. Protestors preventing the candidate from speaking. Never happens. Where is civility?

Trump supporter takes it to a protester - ahh, that's violence; no civility here.

It's OK for these morons to harang Trump, but it is not OK for Trump's supporters to lose patience with the protestors and their obscene gestures and yelling. Trump supporters must be "PC," the protestors not so much.

The Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) crowds can protest. The BDSers can block entry to Jewish and pro-Israel events; that's OK.

The anti-Semites can call Israel an apartheid state, despite clear and continuing evidence it is not. But when a pro-Israel person tries to defend the country, that person is shouted down - if not knocked down.

BDS and lies are "PC"; defending Israel Is not.

I don't have any specifics to back up my supposition, but I suspect the same people - or at least people with the same mentality - attack both Trump, Israel, and any Jew foolish enough to be pro-Israel. (There are many Jews, some even in Israel, who are anti-Israel. Certainly the Arab-Muslim Members of Knesset (parliament) are anti-Israel. If a member of Congress behaved as some of the Arab MKs behave they would be tried for treason; but not in "apartheid" Israel.)

The media takes Trump out of context. The same media - in the great tradition of nazi Germany - publishes half-truths, e.g.. Israeli aircraft strike Gaza, failing to report that the attacks were in response to repeated rocket attacks on Israeli cities or - from Time magazine - "a ‘graphic designer’ shot by Israel" while failing to mention that the "graphic designer" murdered three Israelis in a Jewish area of Jerusalem.

No matter what Trump says, the media - here and abroad - will most assuredly turn a positive into a negative.

No matter how good non-Jews have it in Israel, the media and the UN will continue to castigate the country for sins it does not commit.

By the way, don't fall for the canard that Trump is a fascist; if anyone is a fascist it is the people trying to prevent Trump from speaking; the same people who shout down anyone who defends Israel.
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