Sunday, April 17, 2016


Is Bernie aware?


I'VE WATCHED CANDIDATE BERNIE SANDERS stammer and stutter when asked a question by debate moderators and reporters.

Now I see that he's "suspended" his "Jewish outreach" person for her language. Her derogatory - and sometimes inaccurate - statements about Israel and its leadership apparently caused Sanders some concern.

I don't object to his denigrating Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. I don't think much of the man as a politician. But aside from calling him דו פמיים (two faced) for his frequent flip-flops, I keep my public opinion of the man at least civil. Netanyahu is Israel's problem.

These are not the first days of the campaign, and while Sanders admittedly joined the fray late, I fail to see why - at this stage - he hasn't found advisors he can trust and who won't embarrass him as his "Jewish outreach" person did with some Jewish potential voters.

Sanders has his Socialist themes, and they are attractive to some, particularly the young people who show up at his rallies. Free college is appealing to the too-young-to-vote fans who loudly support him. In the excitement no one seems to want to ask the question: How is this going to be funded? Who's going to pay?

Most of us know the story of the young divinity student who wants to marry. The girl'[s father notes the boy lacks a job and an education that will land him a decent paying job. When he challenges the young man, the boy's answer always is "God will provide." The father, talking to his wife, tells her "He thinks I'm god!"

I'm afraid Sanders thinks the U.S. taxpayers are "god" who will provide.

The question before Democrats is:

    Do you want a candidate who often is confused or

    Do you prefer a candidate who violates national security laws and who sat on her political duff while the consulate in Benghazi burned and four Americans were murdered?

Republicans also have to make a decision: do they want to maintain the status quo or do they want a candidate who is hardly "politically correct."

I wish I had said that

    ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION: the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for President put forth by either party in the 2016 election year.

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