Friday, September 9, 2016


Hillary Clinton
Dumb & dumber

IF, AS HARRY S TRUMAN famously said, “the buck stops here” (with the president) than Hillary Clinton must accept responsibility for her tv advertisements.

Proving, at least to this scrivener, that she is not qualified to lead the nation, she “approves” the message shown throughout the day, including “prime time” that shows her opponent setting a “terrible example for children.”

View the Clinton advertisement at

QUESTION: If Trump’s behavior is so bad children should not be exposed to it, why is Mrs. Clinton repeatedly putting it in front of the children she allegedly is trying to protect?

You can call it an oxymoron or, if your computer centric, you might say “it does not compute,” but either way, she is blatantly showing SHE cares nothing for the sensitivities of our children.

This is a person who wants to lead our country?

Unless her opponent actually is paying for this advertisement, the Democrat seems to be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.

It is an unfortunate truth that American voters in recent years have had to choose the lesser of two evils rather than the better of two good candidates. The 2016 elections will be a continuation of that sad state of affairs.

Mrs. Clinton, who already and repeatedly has shown very bad judgment, is in her attempt to damage her opponent, paying to air a commercial showing her opponent saying things she contends children should not see or hear.

It might be acceptable for late night television, but the commercials run in the afternoon and during so-called prime time; times when children are out of school and have access to the tv. (True they ought to be doing homework or, if too young, watching altogether too violent cartoons. I have a five-year-old grand-daughter so I have some firsthand knowledge of the cartoons’ contents.)

I’m not happy with much of Trump’s behavior, but in my opinion, he still would be a better president that Mrs. Clinton.

I thought Harry S was a pretty good – and honest – president. I liked Ike. LBJ was progressive where it counted. Nixon made too major mistakes: he opened up trade with China – and now China owns the U.S. – and he stuck by his people even when they acted without his knowledge (Watergate). Most presidents would have quickly distanced themselves from the burglars.

It should be clear to both left and right that when it comes to who resides in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I base my choice on the person, not the party.

Based on Mrs. Clinton’s “terrible example for children” tv advertisement, she is NOT fit to take up residence in the White House.

Perhaps Trump also is unfit, but he is less “unfit” than Mrs. Clinton.

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