Thursday, September 15, 2016


Liberals punish
NC for protecting
Its citizens' modesty

THE NCAA* IS PULLING all of its championship games from North Carolina because the state insists that a transgender person use the bathroom for which they are physically equipped.

In other words, if you LOOK like Marylyn Monroe but hide a penis under your skirt, you use the men’s facilities.

If you LOOK like Terry Gene Bollea** but you are covering a vigina under your tennis shorts, head for the women’s facilities.

Until the transgender person completes the change and become completely, physically the sex they want to be, they remain the sex they were born.

Seems simple enough and that is, basically, North Carolina’s stance.

The NCAA is a “me, too” group that is following the lead of more people and businesses than believable.

Esquire Magazine noted that When the corporation that designed the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and a porn website are boycotting your entire state, you know you've done something horribly wrong.

Esquire went on to list the following:

    Celebs past & present: Ringo Starr, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Moore, Joel McHale

    Corporations: Deutsche Bank, PayPal, General Electric, Dow Chemical Company, Pepsi, Hyatt, Hewlett Packard, Choice Hotels International, Whole Foods, Levis Strauss & Co., Lionsgate, and - last but hardly least, xHamster.

Breitbart lists "8 Artists and Entertainers Boycotting North Carolina over Religious Freedom Law." I'm not certain how allowing a person of one sex to invade the facilities of the other sex is a "religious freedom" issue, but Breitbart's head writers thought that was the case.

Breitbart's top eight are:

    Musical writer Stephen Schwartz, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Ringo Starr, Cyndi Lauper, Laura Jane Grace, Brandi Carlile, and Michael Moore.

How Mississippi got lumped together with North Carolina is beyond my ken, but Breibart notes that Canada’s Bryan Adams canceled a planned concert in Mississippi this week. “I find it incomprehensible that LGBT citizens are being discriminated against in the state of Mississippi,” Adams wrote in a statement. Sharon Stone backed out of production for a short film in Mississippi because of the state’s religious liberty bill.

The Charlotte Observer under a headline reading “Updated list: Who has spoken for, against NC’s new LGBT law” reports that More than 100 top executives from major companies, including major Charlotte employers like Bank of America, have signed a letter opposing the “anti-LGBT” legislation. The NBA, set to host its All-Star Game in Charlotte next year, has also said it’s against measure. Some states and cities are banning government-funded travel to North Carolina.

NOW, IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED in reading the (in)famous House Bill 2, An Act to Provide for Single-Sex Multiple Occupancy Bathroom and Changing Facilities in Schools and Public Agencies and to Create Statewide Consistency in Regulation of Employment and Public Accommodation it may be read at

If my daughter takes my five-year-old grand-daughter into a women’s restroom, I want to have some level of confidence that they won’t be “treated” to a “woman with a penis” sharing the same space.

I’m pretty sure I would be taken aback if I saw a “man with a vagina” in the men’s facilities at the highway rest stop.

Where, dare I ask, is MY protection; where are my civil rights?

 *  NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association

 **  Hulk Hogan

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