Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hateful words painted
By Clintonites on homes,
Churches and schools

WHILE THE CLINTONITES (Hillary’s followers) rail that Trump & Company are racists, xenophobes, anti-this and anti-that, the evidence is that they — the Clintonites — are the ones painting racial slogans on churches, on schools, and on homes (of deplorables?)

An Indiana church had Heil Trump spray painted on its wall.

A Clintonite mother (?) threw her SEVEN YEAR OLD child out of his home because he voted for Trump in a mock election at his school.

An elementary school child — ON CRUTCHES — was beaten up by fellow students because he voted for Trump in a mock election. Where did the students learn this behavior? Clintonite parents.


I am amazed at the number of Clintonites who are certain that Trump is all things bad when all the evidence at hand suggests that the racist, xenophobic, and whatever else they dislike is being propagated by Clintonites, Hillary’s followers.

It is not likely that a Trump loyalist would paint “Heil Trump” on a church, nor is it likely that a Trump supporter would spray paint a swastika on a person’s home, even if the person was classified by Hillary at a “deplorable.”

Trump contends that many of the demonstrations are less than spontaneous; that they are the product of paid organizers. Who has the money to pay such people? Well, Trump does, but he’s about to take a financial hit, serving for $1-a-year in a job that paid Obama $400,000 a year for 8 years. Not as much as an NBA star, but then he can’t shoot baskets like an NBA star, either. Still not bad, especially when you consider the “perks.”

Could the Clinton Foundation be footing the bill for professional rabble rousers?

Yet, despite all the evidence that Trump and his fans are innocent of the racist, xenophobic, and other bad behavior, Clintonites still blame Trump for the crimes no sensible person would commit; if nothing else, Trump is sensible, or as Obama said, “pragmatic.”

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