Monday, November 14, 2016


Main difference between
Liberals, Conservatives:
One listens, the other doesn’t

I HAVE — PERHAPS NOW “HAD” — several liberal (”Call me “progressive”) acquaintances who are proving why it is wasted effort to try to explain something they don’t want to hear/read.

    BULFLASH (More “bull” than “flash) Now the Clintonites are saying Trump must call for an end to the demonstrations that their leader tacitly encourages. Only in 2016 America.

FOLLOWING TRUMP’S victory and Clinton’s non-conciliatory concession speech, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of her supporters took to the streets, blocking traffic, setting fires, and vandalizing property.

According to some news reports — if any “news” report can be trusted in 2016 — the demonstrators are demanding that the Electoral College give the presidency to Clinton, denying the people’s will.

This is the first time a defeated candidate — Clinton — has tacitly approved demonstrations disrupting cities and towns across the Several States. Neither she nor Obama has told the demonstrators to “go home, prepare for the 2020 elections.”

    When Al Gore lost to Bush in the Electoral College, despite apparently winning the popular vote — hanging chads not withstanding — no one went into the streets; no one organized demonstrations to damage America’s image, to damage property. When Obama won in 2008 and 2012, Conservatives didn’t go into the streets protesting what was commonly believed to be the election of a person born outside the U.S. (Obama’s questionable birth certificate didn’t show up until he was well into his first term.)

I sent an email to a number of acquaintances, some of whom supported Clinton’s candidacy.

The email did not promote Trump. It basically asked, given our past presidential transitions, WHY NEITHER CLINTON NOR OBAMA IS SPEAKING OUT AGAINST THE DEMONSTRATORS?

I don’t recall writing anything positive about the president-elect other than perhaps to note that he called for all Americans to join together to work for the good of the county, something (I did NOT add) that Clinton failed to suggest.

Yet I received several replies from the Clinton camp telling me not to send any more “pro-Trump” emails; as “they are not my ilk.” This from a highly educated lady who, apparently, read something into my email that wasn’t there.

One rambled on and on about how Trump will be a disaster; never mind he has yet to take office and never mind that — until Obama’s plethora of executive orders — presidents had to find support in Congress for measures to become law.

No one denies that Trump won enough Electoral College votes — votes that Clinton presumed she had locked up until the votes were counted — but there even is a question of she won the popular vote. It turns out that not all mail-in ballots are counted in races where one candidate clearly won at the voting machines.* If Clinton’s demonstrators were wise, they could have sought a count of ALL ballots to see if Clinton did, indeed, prevail in the popular vote.

Regardless, she conceded, albeit belatedly. (Gracious losers normally concede shortly after it is clear the other candidate prevailed. Clinton didn’t get around to making an appearance until almost noon on the Wednesday after Election Tuesday.)

My six-year-old grand-daughter occasionally throws a temper tantrum. She’s six years old after all and is the product of “enlightened” parenting. Perhaps the Clinton supporters destructively demonstrating also were raised by “enlightened” parents.

The current generation is the Gim’me NOW ! generation of young people who feel “entitled” to whatever they want when they want it; Trump may not be their president, but their generation certainly is not one I want running my country.

*   Are absentee ballots counted?

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