Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hillary fails
As a leader

THE DEFEATED HILLARY CLINTON has made two major mistakes since Donald Trump became president-elect.

One: While Trump praised Clinton for a hard fought campaign, he called for all Americans to come together.

    Mrs. Clinton in her concession speech did neither.

Two: Her supporters are taking to the streets in cities across America expressing their displeasure at the results of a democratic election.

    Mrs. Clinton — as of 6:30 pm Eastern time — has remained silent, refraining from telling her supporters to accept the nation’s will, go home, and prepare to work with the new president.

Mrs. Clinton fails Leadership 101, and this is the person America might have had as its chief executive. After eight years of Obama, could the country have survived Hillary? (Probably)

A New York times headline, Anti-Trump Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Several U.S. Cities and datelined Berkeley, CA, the Times reporter wrote: Chanting “Not my president,” several hundred protesters streamed through the streets of Berkeley and Oakland in the predawn hours of Wednesday venting their anger at the election of Donald J. Trump as president. Demonstrations were also reported in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Portland, Ore.

I suppose it is only partially Mrs. Clinton’s fault. As I watched the “news” this evening I heard talking head Tom Brokaw state that what Trump needs to do is make a statement calling for Americans to come together. I guess Brokaw is deaf since in Trump’s morning speech – in which he had kind words for Mrs. Clinton, he said (a) he would be a president for all people and that we must come together as a nation. I think Brokaw is working for Mrs. Clinton – as, apparently, much of the media was working for the liberal candidate.

Mrs. Clinton’s supporters not only embarrassed America at home, but overseas as well. Places where America’s history of calm transitions of government is something to which these nations aspire are reporting on Mrs. Clinton’s supporters hitting the streets, some peacefully, too many as rioters.

The UK’s Daily Express headlined Riots on the streets of USA as Hillary Clinton supporters protest and chant 'f*** Trump', noting that Supporters of Hillary Clinton were heard chanting “f*** Trump” as they rushed down the streets at the University of Oregon.

Universities in California have also reported disturbances following Mr. Trump’s shock victory.

The question has to be: Since these events are getting media attention, why isn’t Mrs. Clinton or her staff calling for her supporters to go home and prepare to work with the new president?. Is she as blind as Brokaw is deaf? Or, perhaps, is she quietly encouraging these civil disturbances until they turn criminal (as happened in Oakland CA).

Mrs. Clinton: Act responsibly and tell your supporters the election is over and to work together to unite America. It’s the American way. If you remain silent, it proves you are not presidential material, no matter what the media claims.

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