Sunday, December 18, 2016


Definition of a Liberal:
Eyes that do not see
Ears that do not hear

THERE IS A FELLOW here in South Florida who writes editorials for a local paper of Jewish “interests.” That’s to say it carries articles that might be of interest to the general Jewish population and advertisements that are aimed at the non-observant.

Everyone, including this person, is entitled to a reasonable, well-thought out opinion. This person’s rant was about the Standing Rock Sioux ‘ stand against the pipeline slated to cross their land.

The writer, who claims the title “rabbi,” was doing OK in setting forth his opinion but then he proved his bona fides as a liberal who wouldn’t know reality if it bit him in the posterior.

He wrote:

    The Standing Rock Sioux show us what it takes to fight back against the dark forces which will soon control Washington. (Emphasis mine)

Seems to me that those “dark forces” had nothing to do with the pipeline. It all transpired on the liberal Obama’s watch – Trump and his “dark forces” had nothing to do the pipeline.

Not only did the writer not get THAT correct, he did it with a sentence laden with grammatical errors. I admit to being a pedant when it comes to grammar.

The writer then goes on to show his lack of command of the language — English, anyway — by telling the reader that what is needed is ”a real miracle regarding oil, we need to conserve energy through conservation, and quickly develop alternative energy and drill no new pipelines.”

"Conserve" through "conservation"? "Drill no new pipelines"? I was unaware pipelines were drilled. Wells, yes, pipelines, no. Never mind; facts are immaterial to a liberal.

Excuse me, but Obama & Company had eight years — not just eight DAYS — to direct the county’s alternative resource development. He managed to sneak in a medical plan that has, for many, been a disaster, and he has issued fiats from on high — executive orders — that some challenge as borderline unConstitutional. But a workable energy plan? Hardly.

Further proving that the writer has “eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear,” he ignores the print, tv, and even radio advertisements from the power company that provides the electricity he needs to write his copy. Florida Power constantly brags about its use of alternative (to oil) fuels, including solar, natural gas, and — I’m sure this, too, is disagreeable to the writer — nuclear.

I wish I could write that Some of my best friends are liberal Democrats but that would be a lie. All my friends, many who hold positions other than mine, listen to all arguments and present their positions in a civilized manner. I do not count as “friends” people who refuse to even entertain a position other than their own. I know a few such people; they are “acquaintances,” not “friends.”

The writer then winds up his rant by abusing the Declaration of Independence by rewriting it to be a Declaration of fossil fuel independence . As an example of his authorship, his declaration opens with When in the course of human events … I can imagine the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves. But then, liberals of the writer’s ilk rarely are known for originality.

The writer finally ends his full-page tirade by inviting everyone to celebrate Hanukah the Friday evening BEFORE Hanukah, but well after Shabat has been ushered in, so that all people, especially Christians, should celebrate Hanukah. .

Eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear; the disease of liberals everywhere.

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