Friday, December 30, 2016


A very few words
On “transgender”

IF A MAN has a vigina is he a man?

If a woman has a penis, is she a woman?

No matter what a man THINKS himself to be, until a he removes his penis and has a vigina surgically created, he still is a man.

The same applies to a woman; until she has her vigina replaced by a penis, she still is a woman.

A person who THINKS his or her body fails to match their mental image, that person is no more than a “transgender-in-progress” and should NOT be allowed to use facilities designated for the opposite sex.

THE LIBERALS CONTROLLING the U.S. government have set aside the majorities’ civil rights for those of a small minority – transgenders-in-progress.

I do not consider myself “sexist” or “racist” or any other “ist” Washington’s word twisters can coin. I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, but my social liberalism does not extend to the bathroom.

The only males that should be seen in a woman’s bathroom are very small boys who need help; likewise, the only girls in a man’s bathroom should be very small girls who need assistance. My 18 month-old grandsons fall into the first category; my grand-daughter, at age 6, does not (albeit when she is with me I stand outside the door of a public restroom until she comes out).

Granted, my grand-daughter knows how males are endowed thanks to her younger brothers and bath time. But she does NOT need to be subjected to seeing a “woman” with a penis.

If the government forces transgender bathrooms on the populace, it also should order that all transgender bathrooms be limited to one person at a time. Multi-person bathrooms should be for people of the sex indicated for the specific restroom.

If a person insists on changing his or her sex, fine. Let them, but to be accepted in the sex they want to be, they must have ALL the physical attributes of that sex. To my simple mind, a man can get hormone therapy to increase breast size to Triple D, have a Brazilian butt lift (whatever that is), and wear Dior dresses, but as long as he has a penis, he’s still a man and does not belong in a woman’s public restroom. Likewise a woman; no matter how “pumped” she is or how masculine she looks and acts, until she swaps her vigina for a functional penis, she’s still a female.

It seems to me that a transgender “woman” sans a vigina isn’t really a woman; she cannot enjoy the sexual things a woman-by-birth can enjoy; likewise for a transgender “man.”

In the case of transgenders, it is what is on the outside that counts.

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