Thursday, January 12, 2017


Bernie Sanders —
Deaf, blind or stupid?

THE NOON EXCUSE FOR “NEWS” just showed former presidential candidate and still senator Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor railing about the imminent demise of Obamacare and the rape of both Medicare and Medicaid.

The other day, the same senator was telling the world that Americans need to keep President Trump’s feet to the fire to assure that he follows through on his promises to (a) replace Obamacare with a sound program and (b) not to touch Medicare and Medicaid. Obviously he can’t remember from day-to-day what he says — or what his speech writers write.

With senators like Sanders, it’s no wonder the country’s in the mess it’s in.

Still in the house that “frustrated “ him, Marco Rubio — apparently still miffed that Trump trounced him in the primaries — is taking pot shots at Trump from his seat on the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

The senator from Florida — trying to make his bones on national tv for another run at the Oval Office — tried to get Trump’s Secretary of State candidate, Rex Tillerson, to answer loaded questions. While Rubio probably would disagree, Tillerson’s replies were at least “diplomatic” — as a diplomat’s replies should be.

I can understand Sander’s problem: he believes what he’s told by the talking heads on the tv news. A 15-second sound bite — edited to meet the media’s liberal agenda — is more valuable and believable to those who want to believe than the facts, the words that come out of the speaker’s mouth, even if read from a prepared-by-other’s script.

Rubio is just a petulant child trying to get even with the kid who won the game. That’s OK, he’s in the good — or maybe not-so-good — company of the Bush family, another primary candidate that failed to make the cut.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton temporarily is retiring from national politics to run for New York City mayor; she carried the town in November. These are some of the people who elected her to the U.S. Senate as soon as she declared residency in New York; never mind that she had no history with the state.

She has, at least, ceased her constant snipping at the new president. Her fans, however, seem to keep the beat going.

Billionaire Democrat activist Tom Steyer is behind an anti-Tillerson tv campaign in several states that catches itself in a half-truth. Watch and carefully listen to the video.

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