Friday, January 20, 2017


Snow storm in Miami
Heat wave in Minneapolis
Liberals Blame it on Trump

MAYBE IT’S MY IMAGINATION (it isn’t) but the liberal media — “liberal” and “media” seem to have become redundant — blames everything on America’s new president.

The cartoonists, like the media in which they appear, apparently are like two of the three famous monkeys: they can neither see (read) nor hear, preferring to ignore the whole while focusing on selected parts, e.g., Trump will cancel Obamacare (selected part) and REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER (ignored.)

But one cartoonist, Jennifer Babcock, seems to something positive about Trump’s presidency despite the liberals’ doom and gloom attitude.

After too many years of self-serving Obama, a 140-character statement would be welcome. Unfortunately, Trump already knows how to “string” 140-character statements together. (How does he avoid fat-finger typos?)

With the tv talking heads focusing more on the deaf and blind — or perhaps simply illiterate — protestors rather than the election winners, and while the Dumb-ocrats in Congress are stalling Trump’s nominees — knowing that in most cases, the GOP majority will approve them anyway (the exception being Marco Rubio, still miffed at losing the primary to a person voters considered the better candidate), the swearing in is left in the wings as a second thought.

Trump repeatedly said, but apparently the Dumb-ocrats and media failed to get the message, that he wants to be a president for all Americans; he wants to being the country together. Toward that end, more than 60 Dumb-ocrats in Congress — in s showing of their pettiness worthy of only a 6-year-old — are boycotting the inauguration. Hillary, however, will be front, if not center, at the event and all liberal eyes assuredly will be on her.

The boycotters all have excellent reasons for their action — or inaction. As an example, Rep. Karen Bass (Calif.) made her decision after conducting a Twitter poll ! on whether or not she should attend the inauguration. Her Congressional district includes many neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles. The district also encompasses Culver City as well as the unincorporated communities of View Park and Ladera Heights. (I doubt any Hollywood luminaries live in her district; in any case they probably left the U.S. by now, keeping THEIR promise.)

In this scrivener’s 74 years I have never seen behavior such as the liberals attacks on a president. Conservatives, many of whom held Obama in contempt, never treated him to the abuse the Dumb-ocrats are giving Trump; AND HE IS NOT EVEN BEEN IN OFFICE FOR A DAY. WHERE’S THE “HONEYMOON” that all new presidents have been allowed — until Trump.

The closest thing that comes to mind is the Dumb-ocrats attacks on their own president when Harry S Truman became president on his predecessor’s death. That, of course, was followed up by the Chicago Daily Tribune’s premature — and grossly inaccurate — headline

It turns out that Obama’s pre-D.C. hometown paper was not the only media outlet to make that, and a similar faux pas.

The Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, NY, not only had Dewey defeating Truman, but "by a landslide."

Topix Media, the Newsweek partner that produces Newsweek's special issues, decided to only ship the version reporting Clinton's victory, as that outcome seemed certain at the time, judging by the media and polls. The Germans also got ahead of themselves.

One left-of-center Israel newspaper was taking no chances; it printed a cover page with BOTH candidates as winners; rotate the tabloid page to the winner you want.

The media polls were inaccurate throughout the campaign — that’s easy enough to accomplish: carefully word the question and ask only selected people who are known to think as the pollster wants the poll to reflect — the “news” articles were biased throughout the campaign, and as Trump is about to take the oath of office, the media is focusing on the anti-Trump demonstrators at the expense of the people who support the new president.

Dumb-ocrats staying away or attending anti-Trump demonstrations, and their reasons why are listed on the Washington Post web site. Interestingly, disgraced former DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is missing from the boycotter’s list.

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