Sunday, August 16, 2015

All generalities are lies

More in U.S. prisons
Than any other nation


CHUCK TODD, MODERATOR OF "MEET THE PRESS" said it - the U.S. has more people in prisons that any other country - so it MUST be true.

Tv people ALWAYS get their facts right. Sometimes? Occasionally?

And even if they fail the fact check, they manage to ignore those nasty things that could mitigate their position.


CHINA which, after a show trial, shoots its convicts in short order.

SAUDI ARABIA, likewise, has few prisoners per capita because it prefers to send criminals on their way to a better place with a swift whack of a sword across a person's neck. Lashes also are often deadly, Offending the royal family or besmirching the Prophet's name or morals is a capital crime in the Kingdom.

IRAN, which the incumbent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue considers a trustworthy partner, often stones people to death - bury them in the ground with only their head showing and throw rocks at the person until they are dead. At least there is neither prison over-crowding or prisoner maintenance dragging down the state's budget.

SYRIAN jails are pretty empty as one or another militia - freedom fighters like ISIS - empty the cells of their friends and execute their foes.

Committing a crime in TURKEY can be a deadly experience for the alleged criminal. But Turkey, under Islamic law, treats thieves better; it lops off the offender's hand.

ISRAEL coddles its prisoners even more than the U.S. and frequently caves into pressure from the "Palestinian Authority" headed by the terrorist Abu Mazen. Five hundred prisoners for the body on one Israeli. Not a bad ratio - for the terrorists. While in Israeli prisons the inmates can get their PhD and buy extras from their PA salaries. Israel, unlike China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others in the area, lacks a death penalty, although there is a push to instate capital punishment for terrorists.

The U.S. DOES have capital punishment and there were 3,002 inmates on death row in the U.S. in 2015. A breakdown is found on the Death Penalty web site.

Will they all be executed? Hardly.

Due to the appeals procedures, some will be found innocent and released,

Others will have their sentence commuted.

A few will die of natural causes, and a few will die at the hands of fellow prisoners.

Prisoners in the U.S., as their counterparts in Israel, can earn a PhD on the taxpayers' dime, and in most places the only negatives about prison life are loss of freedom of movement. Prisoners cannot be made to work. They CAN have some privileges removed - e.g., no television.

Unlike some countries, the probability of a sadistic guard having his - or her - way with a person convicted and incarcerated in a U.S. jail or prison is unlikely.

Perhaps the tv talking head is correct that the U,S. has more people in its prisons than "any other country," but it pays listeners to be skeptical and to try to find out why there are so few prisoners in other country's gaols.

Perhaps the other nations simply lack the appeals process that prisoners enjoy in U.S. jails and prisons.

It's hardly perfect, but I suspect most residents of U.S. jails and prisons would prefer to be where they are rather than in a jail in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, or even Mexico. Unless, of course, they are a jihadist who would be considered a hero in some countries.

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