Wednesday, August 26, 2015


PC trumps
Free Speech
In America


ESPN suspends broadcaster Curt Schilling for posting the following "racist" image on his Facebook page

    In case the image fails to appear or nor is easily read, the text reads (above Hitler's image) It's said ONLY 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. (beneath Hitler's image") In 1940, ONLY 7% of Germans were nazis. HOW'D THAT GO? Click on the image to enlarge.

Meanwhile a couple of like-minded web sites take the man to task for daring to share what anyone with a computer and access to a search engine can find.

Curt Schilling tweets, deletes awful meme about Muslims and Nazis - SB Nation

Curt Schilling's tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis is even worse than it sounds - Vox

No surprise; SB Nation is a Vox product according to Wikipedia: Vox Media Inc. (previously known as SportsBlogs, Inc and publicly known as Vox) is an American digital media company that currently has eight editorial brands: SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Curbed, Eater, Racked, Vox and recently Re/code. All Vox Media sites are built on Chorus, its proprietary digital publishing platform.

Schilling's post can be found all over the Web - except for this Facebook page which he took down to appease his masters at ESPN.

Imagine what ESPN would do to Howard "Tell It Like It Is>" Cossell. 'Course Cossell was a lawyer and trying to abuse his free speech rights might have brought the wrath of the courts down on ESPN. Cossell spent his time with ABC which may have wondered about its sportscaster, but - like his pal Muhammad Ali, nee Cassius Clay, it accommodated Cossell's "telling it like it is," a first in sports reporting.

Granted, there ARE limits to "civilized" free speech - only a black can call another black "The 'N' Word" and only a same ethic should tell an ethnic joke - but I think we have taken political correctness to an extreme.

Schilling's post did NOT claim ALL Muslims were extremists; indeed, it appeared that his graphic specifically targeted the 5-10% of Muslim who ARE extremist.

True or false?

Was the "7% of Germans who admitted to being nazis in 1940" true or false?

OK, being a former print reporter and editor, I would have demanded that Schilling cite his sources in the post. Just as I would have demanded that ESPN and Vox/SB Nation sits sources for taking such umbrage at Schilling's post.

I'd also like to know what Muslim groups found the post so offensive that they complained (pressured) ESPN to take action against an American's right of free speech.

What left-wing liberal groups - whose members probably stay far away from the hoi polloi who watch and participate in sports (other then croquet and lawn tennis, of course) - who insisted ESPN censure and financially chastise the nervy broadcaster who dared promulgate ideas other than those approved by the PC Police.

Like our politicians, we have gone to extremes. We either kowtow to the people who declare their desire to destroy us (i.e., Iran and its ayatollahs) or we offend large populations by broad-brush attacks rather than remarks targeted at the few who offend our sensibilities, e.g., Mexican criminals and foreigners who impose themselves on us by conveniently arriving on our shores to deliver "anchor babies," yet another non-PC term (as Jeb Bush learned to his dismay; he needs better handlers).

We dare not "tell it like it is" for fear of offending someone who may or may not be part of the group discussed.

In the PC world, people

    Don't have handicaps

    Aren't fat

    Are never to blame for their problems

    And never ever utter an opinion not sanctioned by the PC Police


Other Web sites displaying, and commenting on, the "offensive-but-true" image include:

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