Friday, August 28, 2015




I SEE, AGAIN AND AGAIN, appeals to write (email) this person or that group to protest something that violates my sensibilities.

But I don't act on the request.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I believe my protest will end up before blind eyes (what used to be "deaf ears" when we communicated by voice).

I don't believe anyone even COUNTS the number of appeals to do or not to do something, not manually and not with the aid of a computer.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I am concerned that if no one sends an appeal the person or organization will think "No one cares so full speed ahead."

I care about a lot of things.

    Iran getting the bomb. Obungler helping Iran get the bomb. Obungler & Company sending U.S. funds to support terrorist organizations such as the PA and UNRWA. Hillary Clinton dodging questions about her emails and Benghazi. State support of BDS against anyone.
Truly, a "Catch 22."

Before email, people had to take pen in hand, write legibly their concern, neatly fold the missive, stick it into an envelop, apply a stamp, and put the letter in a mailbox - in the U.S, there used to be one on almost every other corner; now they are harder to find that the proverbial hen's teeth.

The wealthy could send a wire, a telegram.

Mail or telegram, the end result was paper.

Most of the time the message content - if not the point - was unique. There were, of course, "suggestions" on what to write and sometimes pre-printed "clip-n-send" messages, but for the most part, individuals had to make a personal effort to praise of complain.

Now, "Click here to" oppose or promote this issue or that concern.

I concede that my once handsome penmanship has gone the way of the dodo, but I still can "write" cursive using Brush Script MT or Calligraph241 BT and similar fancy fonts if I want to create a missive with ersatz penmanship. (Pity Google's blog doesn't support fancy fonts.)

It's a toss-up.

I'd like to add my two cents, but I hate to waste my effort doing something I know in my heart will have zero impact.

I still write the unsolicited individual electronic note - I even occasionally mail a letter - to praise or, sadly more often, criticize; usually the topic is Customer (non)Support.

Sometimes I KNOW any message will be wasted effort; writing my Congresswoman is an absolute waste of bits and bytes.

Perhaps rather than sending a message protesting something I would be better served sending a message - and perhaps a donation - to an organization protesting whatever it is that bothers me.

But maybe not.

A quandary.


Dear writer,
I am in receipt of your letter.
I am in the smallest room in the house; your letter is behind me.

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