Tuesday, August 4, 2015


One issue voters
Bain of elections


AS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS approach I am sadly reminded that most Americans who vote or "single-issue" voters.

Most voters in the U.S. reading this have Israel as THE issue.

Never mind any other issues such as (alphabetically)

    Abrogation of civil rights



    Military spending

    Social justice

And one hundred and one others.

THERE ARE MORE issues for each candidate than the one each voter has as "THE" issue.

As citizens, we SHOULD be more than "one issue" voters; we need to consider more than just our particular pet issue.

In truth, usually several issues are related; intertwined with one another like the strings on a tallit or the braids of a girl's hair.

Israel, for example, is tied to the economy - military expenditures, direct financial aid. It is connected to the nation's defense - does the U.S. put "boots on the ground" to chase after ISIS and the like or does it train and arm potential enemies of the U.S. (and Israel) as it did in Afghanistan. The economy again - what will the government steal from the "protected" Social Security budget and Medicare, funds already reduced thanks to Obama Care.

Government is not a one-issue affair and it behooves voters to expand their awareness of the things that impact on their personal pet issue. It is not simple and taking a simplistic approach probably will generate dissatisfaction with whomever is elected.

While there are niche media - some focusing on Israel, others on the economy, still others on Constitutional guarantees - it pays to take time to heed more than just the issue that is at the top of your personal list.


MEANWHILE , if you want to hear how the DNC chair defines the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgnqRxtZrtI&feature=youtu.be. The lady really knows how to answer the question.

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