Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Let them die


Coral Springs (FL) police said a 36-year-old man's friends received text and email messages from him claiming he wanted to harm himself. The cops responded with a SWAT team.

Meanwhile, in Israel, "Palestinians" go on hunger strikes as a way to force Israel to let them go free to do again what got them imprisoned in the first place.

COPS SHOULD NOT have to be traumatized by a person who wants to die.

Death is a personal decision. U.S. law prevents "assisted suicide."

Cops who prevent a person from - as the Coral Springs man planned - to "hurt himself" if they shoot him are breaking the law by assisting the suicide.

Trouble is, the cop has to suffer the mental anguish of knowing he killed someone.

My firstborn is a cop and he and his partner killed a man who was trying to kill them, even though the "civilian" knew he would die.

The man was a coward. If he wanted to die, let him put a gun to his head or swallow a bottle of pills or hang himself. There are multiple ways a person can end his life. Just search the internet.

IT'S HIS RIGHT TO DIE despite some stupid laws that make suicide a crime.

The guy in prison looking for an early release; it's HIS choice not to eat. The government should not force-feed the prisoner. If he wants to die, let him. Starvation, after the first few days, is a relatively painless way to die. The prisoner CHOOSE to die by starvation as surely as the person who puts a gun to his head or his head into a noose.

As a pre-teen I stood outside a suicide's door as she shot herself with a small caliber pistol. She's long dead, but I never will forget the sound of the gun and her final agony.

Maybe I'm cruel, inhumane, but I believe if a person wants to die, LET THEM. If the suicide is a caring person - and that may be an oxymoron - they should find a way to end it all without making others a participant.

This morning a depressed young man committed suicide by driving his car the wrong way on a major highway, lights off, into a tractor-trailer rig with two people inside. He succeeded in taking his own life, and the passengers in the tractor were only physically shaken up, but the mental damage may be very long lasting. (The suicide posted his plans on social media, making it very clear what he intended to do.)

Like the people who commit "suicide by cop," this person had no consideration for his fellow. If the people in the tractor were injured or killed, "no big deal"; our suicide accomplished what he wanted.

The suicide's life revolves around the person planning to die; there is no thought or concern for anyone else.

If a person wants to "hurt himself," LET HIM; don't send the cops to do the job for him. If a person wants to starve himself into the grave, let him; don't violate his civil rights by force feeding him and thwarting his desire to die.

By all means, if a person exhibits suicidal tendencies, offer help, counseling. If the help is refused, rejected, so be it. An effort was made.

The bottom line is that it’s a person's civil right to die at a time of his choosing. It is NOT, however, a person's civil right to cause another to be the executioner nor to ruin anyone's mental health by waiting for an audience.

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