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Who is behind unwanted
Endorsements for Trump?


IT SEEMS STRANGE that suddenly, with Donald Trump apparently the darling of American Republicans of all varieties, that "The Donald" is picking up "endorsements" from delusional right-wingers, people who - if they are believed - will do more harm to Trump's campaign than help it.

Of late Trump has been "endorsed" by:

  KKK leader David Duke

  French extremist Jean-Marie_Le_Pen,

  Serbia's Vojislav Šešelj

   American National Super PAC

WITH "FRIENDS" LIKE Duke, LePen, Šešelj, and the PAC, Trump doesn't need enemies.

Trump quickly disowned the so called "American National Super PAC" and, by the time you read this he probably will have distanced himself from the other hate mongers.

The media, both here and abroad, are trying to convince U.S. voters that Trump is bad for America and bad for Americans. So far, most Republicans have more faith in Trump than in the media.

When he is endorsed by celebrities, the headline reads not "Celebs endorse Trump," but "19 of Donald Trump's Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements." Those "weird" celebs include

· "Weird" politicians former governors Sarah Palin and Jesse Ventura, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio,

· "Weird" singers" Wayne Newton, Galvin McInnes, Loretta Lynn, Ted Nugent,

· "Weird" sports legends Mike Ditka, Hulk Hogan, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman,

· "Weird" Conservative ladies Phyllis Schlafly, Ann Coulter

· "Weird" entertainers Lou Ferrigno, Stephen Baldwin, Willie Robertson, Jesse James, Tila Tequila

Admittedly some of the celebs listed on the patently anti-Trump site are known for misbehaving (e.g., Tyson and Rodman) and assuredly the misogynists flying under a liberal label - yes, there ARE such folks - will point out how unladylike are Ms. Schlafly, Ms. Coulter, Ms. Lynn, and the worst of all, former governor Palin.

Still, would the people behind the site call any other candidates' supporters "weird?" Doubtful.

The trouble with the U.S. as I see it is too many people see things only their way; they won't even LISTEN to anyone with an idea with which they may not fully agree. We have it in congress, we have it in the White House, we have it in the streets and byways of the country. Liberals are so far to the left they are falling into the Pacific while Conservatives are so far to the right they are filling up the Atlantic.

That might be a good thing; the only people left will be moderates who - surprise - THINK and DISCUSS issues and work to reach a workable compromise that, while not making anyone "dancing in the square" happy, at least doesn't hurt anyone.

MEANWHILE, Sanders adviser suggests Israel gassed Syrians. As for Mrs. Clinton, we are supposed to forget about her personal server, Benghazi, and a few other missteps.

Anyone can say anything about a candidate, especially a candidate about other candidates. (Would that the candidates address the issues, and there are many from which to choose. 'Course it would have been helpful if the "debates" really were debates and the moderators threw out the same question to each candidate and then gave each candidate time to address the question, cutting off candidates who "drift" off topic. Maybe next time.)

I expect all the candidates to distance themselves from radicals and hate-mongers on all sides. I want a president who will be a president to ALL citizens without catering to any one group or class.

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