Friday, March 18, 2016


Easy to win
Popular vote
& Lose election


IT MAY SEEM "CRAZY," but if The Donald wins the popular vote in most primary elections plus the votes that put him #2 in other states, he should clearly be the GOP candidate in November.

But GOP big wigs - the do-nothing and obstructionist congressmen and he people who control them - don't want Trump on the ticket. He's too radical; he's not "PC." He might insult one or two of our "allies" who have been abusing the U.S. for decades; heaven forbid he should insist that Iran, North Korea, and others actually honor their commitments.

He might take umbrage that the UN keeps bashing the U.S. and its sole ally in the middle east so much so that he - through an executive order a la Obama - halts its funding by the U.S. treasury (read taxpayer).

The U.S. is not now and it never has been a "democracy."

We TALK about "one man, one vote" but that's all it is - talk.

Perhaps the Founding Fathers, mostly rich white men, were concerned that John Q. wasn't bright enough to select the people who would govern him. Forget about women who were little more than chattel and non-whites (Indians and blacks) who had even less sanctioned-by-white-men education than white males.They couldn't vote anyway.

To paraphrase an old Virginia Slims ad, "We've come a long way, baby" since the Founding Fathers gathered to decide our future.

Today most men and women of all races can read and make a mark next to a candidate's name. (The days of a "party lever" a/k/a "straight ticket voting" are - fortunately - history. (That's to say that only a very few people, mostly Democrats, still vote by party, and never mind how the candidate thinks - IF the candidate thinks at all.

The bottom line is that, for the majority of America's LEGAL voters we are smart enough to cast direct ballots; it's time the U.S. became a true democracy.

We elect all officials EXCEPT the president and vice-president by direct vote; each person's vote is counted and the candidate with the most votes wins. No middle men (and women) who can be bought, and when an election - party nomination and electoral college - goes to convention, votes often are bought.

Electors to the electoral college are the elected senators and representatives to the U.S. congress from each state. All save for two states, "winner takes all" states even when electors are from different parties.

There has been more than one presidential election won by a candidate with less than the popular vote - the candidates won when states' delegates were counted. No hanging chad needed.

Electors are NOT obliged to represent their state's voters, particularly after the first round of voting.

With state of the art electronics and beefed up cyber security is there any reason why citizens of the U.S. are prevented from electing the candidate of their choice without going through any middlemen who might - for one reason or another - cast their electoral college vote for a candidate the voter did not select?

Is there any reason to continue the electrical college? Isn't it time for America to truly become a democracy where every citizen's vote is counted.

If Trump - who Is leading in the GOP delegate count - is denied the nomination because the old guard wants to keep their positions of (perceived) power, then Americans - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike, need to demand direct elections both in the primaries and in the general.

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