Friday, March 11, 2016


What's makes
Murder terrorism?


DADE COUNTY FLORIDA has more seemingly unprovoked murders than the entire State of Israel during the worst days of the on-going invasion from the PA.

Almost everyday television talking heads read about yet another drive by shooting that takes one, two, or three lives.

Most of the murders are black-on-black so they don't get Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others who want tv face time and a sound bite; they only appear when a white attacks a black and never mind the cause of the incident.

NO ONE CALLS the murders in Dade County "terrorism," but if random attacks against children playing in their own yards isn't terrorism, what is? If car jackings, often associated with killing or wounding the high jacked car's occupants, is not terrorism, what is?

It may not be the intent of the shooters to terrorize a neighborhood - unlike the Islamists who terrorize the world - but intent or not, that is what is happening.

To the best of my knowledge, most of the attackers in Dade County Florida are NOT Muslim extremists. Certainly the Dade County terrorists have all the freedoms of their victims; Dade County is not an "apartheid" county - there any many blacks and latinos in power, probably more so than WASPs.

It's one thing to target a group of people - tourists on South Beach for example - but Dade County is plagued with "random acts of violence." It is ungovernable.

For all that, Dade County Florida may not be the most dangerous county in the country; it may just "seem" like it.

The county school superintendant is seen on tv more than a politician, bemoaning the murder of one more student; a student who, in the majority of cases, was truly an innocent victim.

The only difference I see between the terrorism in Dade County Florida and the terrorism in Israel is that in Israel the terrorism is motivated by the religion of the attackers against people who live in or visit Israel - the targets are Jews, Christians, and fellow Arabs. Terrorists from the Palestinian Authority (PA) also aren't limited to guns; they are handy with knives, cars, and explosives which, so far, apparently have not come to Dade County.

To this scrivener's Edward Bear mind, there is no basic difference between the terrorism that Israelis encounter from their attackers from the PA and those in Dade County who commit random murders, seemingly just for the sake of killing.

Have illegal automatic rifle
Will shoot at random targets

Someone convince me that what is happening in Dade County Florida is anything other than pure and simple terrorism.

WASPs: White, Anglo-Saxon protestants

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