Friday, March 25, 2016


Talking heads
& the "M" word


THE BRUSSELS SLAUGHTER at the airport and the subway took up most of the news' allotted time on the day of the attack, and on the day after the murders were still the top story.

I listened to the network talking heads in the morning and in the evening.

For all the millions of words spoken, I failed to hear - EVEN ONE TIME - the word Muslim" mentioned in relation to the attacks.

That's "Political Correctness" rampant on a field of bloody feces.

UNLESS YOU ARE ALICE IN WONDERLAND, you HAVE to know the murderers were Muslim.

While "Muslim" does not necessarily equate to "terrorist," the word "terrorists" DOES most frequently equate to "Muslim," at least in today's world.

You won't hear it from the White House, but according to Newsweek (!),

    The suicide bombers behind the Brussels attacks may have attempted to target Americans, the top lawmaker on the intelligence committee in the U.S. House of Representatives said on Wednesday.

    Representative Devin Nunes of California said the explosion at Brussels airport on Tuesday was close to U.S. airline counters and the metro station targeted was close to the U.S. embassy.

    "From my vantage point it does look like an attack on Americans. It looks like it was targeted toward Americans to some degree," Nunes told reporters.

Nunes is a Republican so the White House easily can dismiss his remarks as racist or xenophobic even though his remarks did NOT use the "M" word.

A number of media outlets (1) reported that Deash (ISIL/ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

A CBS report included a Fash cq statement that

    An ISIS posting in the group's Amaq news agency said its extremists claimed the attack was in response to Belgium's support of the international coalition arrayed against it. Another ISIS statement posted online threatened more attacks against countries taking part in the coalition in Syria and Iraq.

    "We promise the countries taking part in the coalition against the Islamic State that they will see black days in response to their aggression against the Islamic State," the statement said. "What's yet to come is worse and more bitter."

At the same time, CBS this morning is hedging its bets that perhaps it was NOT an attack by Deash.

The CBS article failed to mention the word "Muslim." Likewise the UK's Independent, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

On the other hand, the New York Times did use the "M" word, but only as an aside.

1: Media outlets reporting Deash brags about Brussels' attacks:

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