Friday, March 4, 2016


Blame it
On Israel


Apparently due to the number of tunnel collapses, Hamas "volunteers" are reusing to dig. The headlines, admittedly from Israeli publications, tell the story.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Exclusive: Hamas operatives fear entering tunnels, believe Israel behind collapses

Hamas operative killed in fourth Gaza tunnel collapse in recent weeks

From Israel HaYom, a freely distributed newspaper:

As another tunnel collapses, Hamas members refuse to dig

Of course, as everyone knows, the tunnel collapses are Israel's fault.

MUIST BE BAD BUILDING MATERIALS that Hamas acquired via Israel.

Israel HaYom reports that "The Zionists are nervous. They're afraid the tunnels are underneath their homes, and because of their fear they are using very advanced tools to locate and collapse the tunnels," the source said. "I know of those who have been sentenced to harsh punishments for refusing to take part in the [tunnel-digging] effort. This is a serious offense, and the punishment for it is extremely severe."

A Post article supports this:The leadership of Hamas apparently cannot prevent the collapse of the tunnels and recently, leader Ismail Haniyeh claimed Israeli technology had been discovered underground..

The most recent collapse occurred on Thursday afternoon when a tunnel collapsed in Khan Yunis, killing one operative. The collapse marked the sixth such collapse in recent months – the highest number of collapses to have occurred since 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.

Official reports, both in Israel and Gaza, describe collapses caused by recent storms and heavy rains. However, among Hamas and others, there are many who believe Israel is responsible.

Hamas is certain that Israel is to blame from preventing Hamas terrorists from entering Israel to kill its citizens.

One operative claimed Israel is using liquid explosives, while another operative expressed fears of Israel’s ability to cause localized earthquakes, which could also collapse the tunnels.

Hamas has mentioned the IDF’s elite combat engineering corps, which has special anti-tunnel measures, and the Oketz canine unit, which sends trained dogs into the tunnels.

(Will PETA complain? It took issue with a Muslim who loaded a donkey with explosives to kill Israelis. PITA was upset NOT because Israelis would be murdered, but because the donkey also would die. See Hamas terror donkey draws PETA attack)

According to the New York Times, while some diggers were reluctant to go into the tunnels, Abu Hassan al-Shobaki, a cousin of one of the men killed, said by telephone that the family was “happy and proud and welcomed the news of his death” because he “was martyred defending Islam and Palestine.”

Definitely Israel is is to blame for the tunnels collapse on those poor terrorists who simply want to kill Israelis.

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